Cheating is one of the major problems faced by lovers in any relationship. Since the advent of phones and other communication devices, cheaters have found an easy way to cheat on their spouses.

The big question is, can cheaters get away with it? Well, the same technology that helps people cheat can be used against them. If you suspect that your husband or wife is cheating, you can catch them using a simple spy app.

The fear of being caught is one of the major challenges you will face when spying on your spouse. However, you don’t have to worry about being busted as long as you have the right tool. The best app works invisibly.

Finding the right spy app can be such a headache. The good news is that you don’t need to keep searching because we have found the solution you need. You can rest assured that this solution works all the time.

Spyic – The Most Trusted App for Catching a Cheating Spouse

Spyic is the best spy app for those interested in catching a cheating husband or wife. The app works on devices running on Android and iOS. It uses cutting-edge technology to deliver unmatched surveillance capabilities. 

This spy app is trusted by millions of customers across the world. The ease of use and convenience offered by this app is unparalleled. It is no wonder that enjoys one of the best customer approval ratings of any spy app at 96%.

Now that you have an idea of what Spyic is about, we will talk about how to catch a cheater with Spyic. However, there are some things to consider.

Top 5 Reasons to Use the Spyic App

  1. Catch a cheating spouse without being detected

One of the fascinating things about Spyic is that it operates in Stealth Mode. In simple terms, the person you are trying to catch has no idea that you are spying on them. You don’t want to be caught before you get what you want.

  1. Easy to install and use

Spyic developers know that no one needs a complicated spy app. A relationship with a cheating spouse is already a complicated issue and you don’t want more complications. The installation process takes a few minutes.

After installation, an easy-to-use user interface welcomes you. The dashboard has all the features you need to catch a cheater. You don’t need any technical skills to configure or use the app. It’s as simple as ABC.

  1. Low price for premium features

Many spy apps are just trying to lure you into buying something that is not worth the price. Spyic is the best if you are looking for an affordable app with superior-quality features. There are subscription options to suit your needs.

  1. Track a cheating spouse day and night

What kind of detective works day at night for a few dollars? Well, it can only be Spyic. Unlike a human detective, Spyic does not get tired. It works around the clock to collect the evidence you need.

  1. Secure monitoring

When using Spyic, the target device is always safe because there is no need to jailbreak or root it. Rooted and jailbroken devices are highly susceptible to security breaches by malicious apps.

Spyic’s Features

By the time you finish reading this section, you will know the reason why Spyic is incomparable. Let’s look at the app’s key features.

  1. Location Tracker

There is no better way to know the whereabouts of a spouse than to track their location. Spyic’s location tracker provides you with information about your spouse’s location in real-time.

This feature allows you to know their past locations using GPS or Wi-Fi. Also, you can monitor movements with timestamps and see geographical coordinates.

  1. Geofence Alert

Spyic includes a Geofence feature for creating a virtual fence on the map. You will receive alerts as soon your spouse crosses to the restricted area. This is important if you have an idea of where they often meet with the other person.

  1. Call Tracker

One of the most effective ways of knowing the people your cheating spouse communicates with is to track calls. Instead of waiting for your spouse to leave their phone in order to view their calls, just use Spyic.

With Spyic, you can track incoming and outgoing calls on your spouse’s phone without raising suspicion. You will be able to see call duration, timestamps, and contacts.

  1. Text Message Monitoring

Text messages are a reliable source of evidence if you are sick and tired of a cheating spouse. After finding call logs on the target phone, you can use this information to find text messages from suspicious contacts.

The Track SMS feature can retrieve all sent and received text messages from your spouse’s phone. Believe it or not, you can even retrieve deleted text messages! This feature sets Spyic apart from other spy apps.

  1. Social Media Monitoring

Here, we are talking about a wide range of features for reading Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, and WhatsApp messages. If your spouse is a social media fan, you might get some useful messages from these apps.

The Spyic app puts everything together allowing you to access private messages as well as group chats. Once installed, you can see suspicious photos, media files, and the suspect’s profile on your spouse’s device.

  1. Website History Tracking

Some of the clues you need to bust a cheating spouse may come from their browsing history. Use Spyic to discover the websites your spouse visits frequently and see bookmarks.

  1. Keylogger

Users of Spyic can monitor keystrokes on the target device. This makes it possible to retrieve passwords and usernames remotely.

How to Install Spyic

Spyic takes a couple of steps to set it up on the target device.

  1. To get started, visit the official website and press the ‘Sign Up Free’ button. Enter your email address and password to create your account.

  1. For an iPhone, you will be asked to provide the iCloud credentials of the target user. You just need to follow the wizard and choose the device you intend to monitor. No jailbreaking is necessary.

  1. For an Android device, you are required to download and install the app. The installation process is simple and you don’t have to root the phone. The app will hide to work invisibly after installation.
  2. After configuring the target device, click ‘Start’ to start spying on your cheating spouse.


As you can see, Spyic provides the tools you need to catch a cheating spouse. You can easily know the people your spouse has been communicating with without thinking about being detected.

If you are suspicious of your better half’s behavior, search no more because Spyic is here to help. Sign up today and join millions of users who have benefited from Spyic.

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