Are you  overwhelmed by the number of web hosting types there are and couldn’t make a choice. Let me enlighten you. Let’s discuss different types of web hosting.

In simple put, cheap reseller hosting is the capability to offer to host service, where the customer has an administrator account to create new unique hosting accounts with dedicated resources.

Shared web hosting

It’s as simple as it sounds. Shared web hosting lets you share your website with others on a same web hosting service. This is the most popular type of web hosting all over the world. It also is the most affordable. A huge advantage of this is that it lets you share the cost with all the other websites. It can be dirt cheap.

The biggest downside is that you’re at the mercy of others. If a popular website is in your shared hosting network, it will take more traffic and speed. Your performance can be hugely affected. If you turn out to have the most popular website, then you will have the lions share in the server and take huge benefits.

Reseller web hosting

This is akin to shared web hosting with extra tools to help you re-sell the hosting space. Reseller package often comes with greater technical control and billing software package. You can invoice your clients and some other advantages include free website templates, private name servers.

Private name servers give you an instant edge to impress your clients. Also, you can outsource your cclient’s issues to your hosting company’s tech support. Reseller web hosting costs a bit extra than shared web hosting.

Cloud web hosting

This is a comparatively new type of web hosting that has gained popularity after the burst of the internet cloud Technology. This lets number of individual servers work together under a single cloud server. As the requirements for you grow, you can just update your existing hardware.

The biggest advantage of cloud web hosting is that as your traffic grows, it can accommodate easily causing minimal performance issues and lag, without having to shut the website down as in the case of shared web hosting

Dedicated web server

Dedicated web server means you’re renting out a physical server from a hosting company. One of the advantage using this is you can have full control over it by obtaining root permissions. In this type of hosting, you don’t have to worry about other popular websites slowing yours down.

Dedicated web hosting is expensive and starts from 100$ and goes up from there. You should hire an IT administrator to take care of the nitty gritty stuff.

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