It is one of the main queries that we used to get for all the time. Let’s check out why we actually wanted to know about the difference of paid hosting and free hosting. Generally, people who want to create their own blog for just blogging about their thoughts and sharing the niche contents to earn money will go over the hosting at a certain point. Those people will also think about which is the better option to use their blog without any issues until the end. To clear the doubt, we want to follow here to know which one is better at the end.

Before you choose between free and paid blog hosting for your website, arm yourself with the simple fact of free web hosting and paid to host offer the different cheap usa web hosting price features included additional disk storage, bandwidth, support, email accounts etc.

Free web hosting

To continue your services without paying any cost can go over any type of free web hosting available in online. This kind of stuff will always bring your blog in terms of free hosting. But one must admit that while using this free web hosting, you should know it will restrict your work at anytime. This is the essential reason that why it is free to use.

Account termination – We know this is the shared hosting, and if any of the users go with the excessive system then it will slow the server’s performance. On the other side, it will also lead to the reduction of good service to other users. This kind of things will be considered as a malicious system and indicates to terminate the account immediately at the end.

No security and backups – It is the essential thing for all the users of free hosting that always need. Unfortunately, there is no backup and security provides you. With this free web hosting, you can’t expect the any of these needs.

Limitations in disk space – When coming to this web hosting services, we must want to know that many websites will function over the single server. It is the thing which always brings the low disk space to the users.

Paid hosting

It is almost similar to the free web hosting, but we must admit that it will come up with a number of benefits for the users. Here the users can expect the disk space, security, backups, guarantee and more. You can also get a free domain name with the faster loading of the webpage. All to get these benefits, you need to pay for it to receive the best service in the market.

Money back guarantees – While coming to usage, this hosting will provide you the best offers to satisfy you. If you aren’t satisfied, then you can also get back your money as well. This is applicable for only paid hosting.

Unlimited bandwidth – Unlike the free web hosting, here you can handle with a unlimited number of bandwidth for every month. So, you can have fun instead of facing the issues like limited bandwidth.

Why is paid hosting better to use?

As we all know that most of the people, according to their needs for the blog, they will choose free or paid hosting. But you cannot all the benefits of free web hosting. If you are planning for some huge website to handle, then without second thought go for paid hosting. Also, to make money through your blog, then this could be the best choice for all the time.

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