Career Objective is a vital part of someone to describe with. Basically it is a concise introduction and a part of the resume that reflects the sense of someone’s working experience and ambitions. It has to be meaningful and enticing so that the prospective employers are well convinced in you to hire over others. Career Objective is also very important as it appears on the top of other information detailed in a resume. A clear and honest ambition is very appealing for prospective employers. A career objective has to be well explained, meaningful and attractive. It will give the recruiter an idea about your future goals and let him know whether your ambitions come in alignment with the company’s future goals. Below are a few tips on how you can produce a well-written career objective that can impress your employer and help you land your dream job.

Write about your Experiences and Education

This is the most important part of the career objective and you should be very careful while mentioning your experience and educational qualification. If you have prior experience, do not miss a chance to make the employer know about it. While we say this, it is also important to know that lying won’t take you a long way. Try not to brag your experiences and act as a hero to grab the job. Be sure to state true experiences and qualifications.

Keep your Career Objective Short and Crisp

An employer hardly spends six seconds while going through a resume. He won’t have time to read lines and lines of stories if you go on writing. Your career objective should always be short, crisp, meaningful and to the point. It might need to be tailored according to the company needs and requirements. It should not be having details about your education or skills acquired. It would however be on your resume in the later part. Thus, there is no point illustrating the same points here.

Honesty is the key!

Always be honest on your resume. You can’t lie about your aspirations and goals while you are thinking of being connected to a company in the long term. You first need to be very clear with yourself that what do you want from your life and the same should be penned down on your career objective. Do not write something that should be ideal and end up doing the exact opposite; this may hamper your reputation. If you are working only on a temporary basis and want to start your own business in the near future then you must be mentioning it in the career objective. There should be no statement in the career objective that contradicts your true self. Be honest in your career objective and state you actual expectations and aspirations from life. Honesty will definitely take you to all the right places.

Do the tailoring.

As you would be tailoring your skills and courses according to the job profile, you should also tailor your career objective according to the company’s goals and ambitions. Make your career objective to the point and include the points that are relevant to the job role you are applying for to make it more attractive to the recruiter. If you are not to the point and you career objective is too lengthy, the employer may completely skip reading that part and it won’t even matter how nicely you have written or how much synchronized your goals are with the company. This would not only make the recruiter interested in your resume but will also increase your chances to land this job.

Mention certified courses (if any)

Mention about any certified course that you might have done on nursing. This might earn you some extra brownie points and help you grab the job.

Show your soft skills such as management skills and caring nature

Soft skills can play a very important role in grabbing a job. Nursing is a job that requires the candidate to be very alert, sensitive, caring and high management skills. The nursing job requires multiple skills where you might have to deal with various situations. The candidate must be prepared and able to do so. Thus, stating your soft skills with suitable examples can go in your favour.

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