To all the businesses out there, do we even need to explain the importance of office communication? You understand it better, right? The only aspect which needs to be explained is how to have simplified communication. 

With constant juggling between emails, faxes, voicemails, chats, and SMS coming from business associates and customers, you must be drained out. On top of that, if this extensive business communication is taking place on different platforms then there is no end to your suffering. 

Business communication is not always a phone call or email. You need to share some files, pictures, spreadsheets, images, and various other types of documents. 

In that case, having a simplified and centralized communication platform for all outbound and inbound communication is the only way out.

Now, imagine a day at work when voicemails are auto-transcript, emails and SMS coming from a single customer/business associate are clubbed together, and you can conduct communication from any of the data-driven devices associated with your office phone system. 

Wouldn’t be life easy? 

Of course! It will be more than easy. That’s the power of centralized communication. In the wake of technology, we are blessed with such communication platforms that can make it happen. Here are our top 5 picks –

  • Dropbox 

Whenever we talk about business tools, the mention of Dropbox will be at the top as it is one of the most user-friendly cloud-based sharing solutions. Its assistance in better file sharing and management is commendable. One team member can upload a document/file of any format from one place and other team members sitting miles apart will receive it within a few seconds. 

Once integrated with your intranet, it acts as a centralized workplace for your team members regardless of their location. You can even set the access preference. Hence, there will no misuse of shared information. 

  • Slack 

A blessing in disguise, Slack is the office communication tool that any business can adopt without any qualms. It has been designed to enhance team communication at every level. With its flexible and powerful API, it enables a business to integrate easily with various other office communication tools/apps like MailChimp, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and many more. While you can avail of the basic version of this communication for free, the advanced version comes with an affordable price tag. 

As it indexes each file/document shared within and outside the team, the content search is a cakewalk with Slack. Simple integration of Slack with your office phone system will help you unleash whole new team collaboration possibilities. 

  • PipeDrive 

A web-based Sales and CRM management solution, PipeDrive enables a business to bring harmony between all the CRM and Sales related communication. Sales and CRM are two crucial aspects of any business and one should make sure that things are streamlined, updated, and productive here. Pipedrive ensures it by offering activity-based selling methodology, deal monitoring, and full visibility of different sales pipelines at a centralized place. 

  • Yammer 

Nowadays, business is not limited to physical office desks and meeting rooms. It is happening in the virtual world as well. Various social media platforms are acting as a potential business platform where you can sell. Yammer is a powerful office communication tool that can help you sell more and more on Facebook, the most loved social media platform. By using Yammer, you can create business groups, employee profiles, and generate business activity on Facebook and maintain uniformity in all these activities. 

  • HipChat 

If you are a small business or a start-up then using HipChat for file sharing, group chat, and instant messaging is a good move as it offers all these services free of cost. 

How you can bring all these communication platforms at your service? 

So, you are now aware of the power of centralized communication. The next question is how you can bring it into action. Well, the answer is a cloud-based office phone system. 

Cloud telephony is a groundbreaking communication-related invention that has changed the face of business communication on various fronts. By taking the voice transmission over internet and hardware/software deployment over the cloud, it has helped businesses to trim down the operational cost and efforts by manifolds. 

Many cloud virtual PBX come with in-built integration of all these and many more office communication tools. This third-party integration within the regular office system helps a business to conduct all sorts of business communication from a single place. 

Alongside this, some of the key service providers also offer free API access. By using the API, either you or the service provider can extend the intranet as per the need of the hour. So, if you need a different type of office communication tool than you can take it on board without hampering the existing communication system. 

Hence the ideal way to bring all these powerful and feature-rich office communication tools is to buy a well-integrated cloud PBX and start using it. Just give it a try and we bet you won’t regret it your whole life. 

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