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Top 10 Self-Motivations Of Highly Paid Bloggers

Undoubtedly, blogging has turned into a profitable business and many young and energetic minds are coming to this profession. Though many people are coming to blogging profession, but all are not successful. Few of the bloggers are highly paid, but rests are not at all well-paid. So, you might think that how these few bloggers […]

Overcoming Barriers to the Effective Implementation of Technology in Education

The upgrade of technology has created a remarkable effect within today’s generation. With the advancement and modernization of technology has become an important aspect in classrooms. The manual tasks which were involved in classes are now sorted in a flash with the usage of technology. The lessons are even taught through school apps that generate […]

Microsoft to give an update to wiows 10 with its whiteboard app.

Microsoft’s Whiteboard to be Collaborative Inking App for Windows 10

Microsoft has always stepped an extra edge while introducing new technology and services and awed us with its creative innovations since decades. It has dilated its portfolio over international boundaries with the many new apps and features easing technology in our hands. The Shanghai event highlights At the Shanghai event held on Tuesday, Microsoft has […]

moto G5 plus best android mobile

Top 5 Android Smart Phones To Buy In 2017

A lot of cell phone brands have emerged up into the market with a number of cell phones having almost similar features. This makes it difficult to select one out many cell phones. Every week one or the other new smart phone is launched and this puzzles us on which one to buy. We understand life is […]

Gionee M6S Plus, from May 2nd.

Gionee M6S Plus features and specifications

Gionee M6S Plus features and specifications: Gionee has finally added a new member to its smartphone family with the launch of Gionee M6S Plus smartphone in China today. The device comes in two variants, the standard edition having 6GB RAM with 64GB of internal storage is priced at 3499 yuan (approximately Rs 32,758), while for extreme […]

OnePlus-5 leakes

OnePlus 5 full specifications and price

OnePlus 5 full specifications and price: There’s no denying that the OnePlus 5 is presently one of the most talked about Android smartphones yet to come out this year. The phone is due this summer, but we already know its most important specs. On top of that, we just heard that OnePlus is apparently all about […]

Which Cloud provider is for you?

Today’s data-centric world has introduced all sorts of different ways to manage data. Cloud computing, commonly known as the Cloud, enables servers hosted on the Internet to interact with data and enables its users to have quicker access to information. The idea of having information at your fingertips instead of having to rake through unorganized […]

Live on Youtube app

YouTube allows anyone to live stream through its mobile app

YouTube allows anyone to live stream through its mobile app:   Great news for YouTubers all over the world. YouTube is now starting to allow everyone with their mobile app installed live stream themselves. This is one of the most requested feature and will surely leave people with verified YouTube channels in rejoice. There are […]

Different types of web hosting

Are you  overwhelmed by the number of web hosting types there are and couldn’t make a choice. Let me enlighten you. Let’s discuss different types of web hosting. Shared web hosting It’s as simple as it sounds. Shared web hosting lets you share your website with others on a same web hosting service. This is […]

Building Your E-Commerce Website With Free Website Templates

Building an online store is easier today than it ever has been, thanks  to the abundance of e-commerce website templates. You have a vast number of high-quality website templates to choose from, both paid and free. The paid or comxmercial ones usually come with more advanced features than the free options. However, you can still […]

The Good and the Bad of AI

Artificial intelligence: what does it really mean? In a broad sense, it refers to machines that can operate as well as intelligent humans. Businesses tend to integrate artificial intelligence software that simulates learning, problem solving and more to improve efficiency. People use artificial intelligence on a daily basis on their smart phones and across the […]