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Top 10 Self-Motivations Of Highly Paid Bloggers

Undoubtedly, blogging has turned into a profitable business and many young and energetic minds are coming to this profession. Though many people are coming to blogging profession, but all are not successful. Few of the bloggers are highly paid, but rests are not at all well-paid. So, you might think that how these few bloggers […]

How Cloud-based Management Software to Help Business to Grow

Now a day, cloud-based management software plays an important role to grow your business. These cloud technology can be applied in the business of any size. It saves money and streamlines operations. All these things are possible without constructing any IT infrastructure. The owners can work freely without any burden and they can focus on […]

Top 5 Apps by Google You Must Try

Top 5 Apps By Google You Must Try

The most popular search engine, Google is also the creator of Android and has developed some very useful apps across several categories. Just in case you are scouting for something more satisfying than the available apps on your device, you could give Google apps a try to see how they suit your requirement. Though there […]

How To Make A Website-A Simple Guide For 2018

Websites are considered to be a perfect story makers designed to sell services, products and even for every single aspect relating to the lifestyles. With the growing time and conditions, websites are playing a vital role. More over we have now stepped into 2018 where every thing is going to move faster and even with […]

E-Waste Hazards: Challenges and Solutions

E-Waste or Electronic waste is generated from the outdated electronics that are of no use for the users. These wastes encompass computers, cell phones, laptops, mobile batteries, televisions, and everything in between. As humans are totally dependent on technology from their day to day stuff, these wastes are reaching an unequalled level. Therefore it has […]

6 Must-Have Reminder Apps For Android

6 Must-Have Reminder Apps For Android

(Source) People lead very busy lives these days that it’s quite natural for them to forget important events or many tasks on their to-do lists. However, there are certain tasks, which if forgotten, can lead to serious issues, whether it be your career or most importantly, your life. Forgetting is not something that you deliberately […]

Top 6 Apps That Mimic The Feel Of iPhone On Your Android Device

Top 6 Apps That Mimic The Feel Of iPhone On Your Android Device

Yes, you read it right! You can have an iOS 11 on your android without tweaking it. Just everyone can use this guide; you don’t have to be a developer to make your Android like an iOS 11. Most people prefer iPhones over Android and of course, it is backed by legit reasons. iPhones are […]

How To Recover Android Settings And Data With Google Backup

How To Recover Android Settings And Data With Google Backup?

Smartphones have become a necessity these days because, in addition to calls and text messages, we use it for a variety of purposes, even for storing important files and data. What if you accidentally delete one of these files or maybe everything on your phone? What if your phone gets damaged and you lose all […]

Guide to Knowing the PPTP VPN Protocol

VPNs are Virtual Private Networks, private networks that provide a secure connection to and from a network or computer. Using a Virtual Private Network enables you to access files on a specific network remotely. VPN technology relies on protocols to make secure network connections. The most commonly used VPN protocols are L2TP, IPSec, SSL, and PPTP. About […]

Top 5 must have iOS apps for Developers & Web Designers

As we all know that most of the people who all are deliberate to focus only on web designing related stuff will always go for a computer to edit stuff. Usually, it is the thing which is chosen by the web developers and designers across the globe. Also, sometimes it will be hard for the […]

DevOps Training

What is DevOps? DevOps is a software engineering practice which mainly works on unifying software development (Dev) and software operations (Ops). The main features of DevOps are to manage the automation and monitoring of the software development at different steps. It helps you control the integration, testing, releasing the deployment and infrastructure management etc. Now, […]