Encyclopedias are crucial for writing research papers or papers related to a particular topic. I would work countless hours and organize my daily schedule to be in the library close to all the encyclopedias books and other materials I needed to get the information to write papers. One day my friend suggested to me to use encyclopedia apps so that I didn’t always have to study in the library and plan my day around being there, and not have to search through countless books to get the information I needed. Below is the link that my friend gave me, and it changed the way I studied for the better. Take a look but keep reading on to find some tips I have found useful in finding the right kind of references and tools.

Top Encyclopedia Apps for Writing Papers

Learn from Trusted Sources 

The most crucial part about finding an encyclopedia app is finding one that is trustworthy. You need to know that the information you are basing your work on comes from a credible source. Best way to ensure the information you are using is valid is to use apps from well known and accredited sources like Encyclopedia britannica. Although sources like encyclopedia dramatica are amusing and can be used for some examples of parody if that is the theme of your paper, you cannot necessarily use that for research papers or as a credible source on particular information.

When looking for credible sources, you want to find where they are getting their information. Who the author is, what credible sources they site, and what date it was written can all tell you whether it is credible or not. Community driven sites like Wikipedia can be great for quickly learning about a particular topic, or to get a summary of something like annual percentage rates for loans if you need to wrap your head around an idea, but generally aren’t the best for research papers. To use sites like this you will need to double check the sources the writer used to make sure its deemed credible.

Different Encyclopedias offer Different Information

All encyclopedias have certain things in common. They all are defined as a book full of information and normally in an alphabetical order. Where they differ is what kind of information they carry. Some encyclopedias focus on particular subjects like world history or animal species, and those would be of great value if you are writing a research paper on those given topics.

If English is not your first language, you will want to find an encyclopedia app that has options for different languages. Encyclopedias like Britannica will have language features so you can find your native language and understand the information you are trying to learn easier.

Hand held versions of Encyclopedias for on the go

If you are moving from class to class or coffee shop or apartment to study, you want to find an encyclopedia app that you can access from your tablet or phone to make studying a lot easier no matter where you are. And for that matter, you want to find an app that has offline features so you don’t have to stop studying if you find yourself somewhere without a good connection.

Some subscription apps will offer a feature of downloading your specific pages in PDF form. This will help if you do not have a connection, but it will also benefit you greatly as you can save these particular pages so you can find them easier later and not have to remember what you were reading. You also won’t have to search again for that topic as that page will be saved in your PDF files.


Using encyclopedia apps can make studying even easier as you can study in a lot more places and during times out of connection. These tips can help you find the right source needed for the paper you are writing. Again, take a look at the link above to see if any of those apps are right for you.

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