You may not consider technology a first line of assistance when you’re looking for help caring for your aging parents, but there are numerous tech tools aimed towards helping aging individuals live a more carefree lifestyle.

If you’re in a situation where you’re trying to manage caring for aging parents and your own life, you may be overwhelmed. Take a moment to ease your worries, and delve into a few ways in which tech can help you care for your aging parents.

Automated medication dispensing

Enhance your loved one’s ability to stay on track with their medications, and install an automated medication dispensing system in their home.  Make sure your mom or dad can spend their time thinking about other things, and allow your aging parents the freedom to live life.

A caregiver is typically responsible for refilling the device once it is empty, but your parent(s) may be able to do this without assistance.  However, the designated caregiver or CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program) choice uses an online portal to disburse medications and notify the patient that it is time for their next dose.

Emergency response and activity tracking devices

There have been wearable devices available for the elderly for quite some time, but the tech has advanced along the way.  Your aging parents can now wear a more comfortable, smartwatch “esk” device to monitor their well-being.

The device will alert you (or the caregiver) if your parent hasn’t moved in a while.  It can track the wearer’s heart rate and rhythm.  If you’re looking for a more holistic device, try installing a smart system that tracks movement and gathers other vital information inside the house.

Personal GPS tracking systems

If you are caring for an aging parent who suffers from cognitive problems, they may be at a higher risk for wandering blankly or getting lost due to confusion.  There are several ways to effectively keep tabs on your loved one’s location.

You can purchase a special shoe insert, tags to attach to personal belongings, or a GPS tracker in the form of a smartwatch.  Also, smartphones are great for location services.  Stop worrying about your loved ones getting lost, and let technology help keep tabs on them.

Virtual retirement communities

You don’t have to “rehome” your aging parents to a strange retirement home anymore.  Aging in place is becoming a new trend among the elderly.

Virtual retirement communities allow older individuals to participate in social situations, exercise sessions, and even pet services via the internet.  It’s less expensive to set your family member up with a virtual retirement community, but your parents have to have the ability to live alone.

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