Tracking our money (income and expenses) is not an easy part these days. Every day we spend mostly on shopping, fuel, restaurants or monthly power bills, telephone bills, etc.,


At the end of the month if we try to track our monthly expenses we are left clueless how and where the money is spent.

To set you free from all these problems Times Internet has come up with a solution called SmartSpends.

It tracks all the spending and moreover this app is free of cost available in android play store.

Now let me tell you how exactly does this app track your expenses and how it works?

Initially, you need to sign in with your Google (Gmail) account to access this app. After you sign in you can have five different sections complemented by respective logos and colours.

The 5 different categories are:


Bill calendar

Card suggest


Fun facts

“Spends” section keeps a track of your daily transactions and gives a clear picture of your expenses till date.


One of the unique things about this section is it has pre-defined tags like fuel, lunch, grocery, etc., which are under daily expenses section

And for monthly expenses, you have tags like EMI, Bills to be paid, Rent, etc.,

“Bill calendar”, the beauty of this section is that it scans your text messages for the bills to be paid. It reminds you of the bills that are due for that particular month. It gives you a reminder 4 days before the due date of payment.


Next is “Card suggest”, in this section you need to add the last 4 digits of your credit card number after which the app suggests you which card to use.


It gives recommendations by browsing various offers around the Internet that apply to your credit card.

Next is “Offers”, this section provides you with the offers going on in your favourite shops/outlets.


These offers can be both online or offline. Offline in the sense nearby outlets like pizza hut, dominos, etc., offers are shown to you by the app.

For online offers like Amazon shopping or Flipkart big billion offers the app tracks them and sends you them.

And the last section of this app is “fun facts”. This section adds humour based on deals in your app which can be shared with your friends on social network, WhatsApp, hike, etc.,


Overall this app has a good user interface and is also the best application to track your expenses and make you a wise spender.

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