Reasons to Get selected in the XAT Exam Results

Xavier School of Management is one of the top business schools in this country, so the process to get included in the schools courses is pretty unique too. And hence the Xavier Aptitude Test! (XAT as you might know it).

So I am not surprised if you are looking for XAT exam results, Because of course nobody misses the chance to get admitted in the Xavier School of Management, right?

It is India’s oldest business management school, and that is the reason it has its own unique entrance process, Xavier School of Management was established as back as 1955!   so this college is probably older than some of your parents,  it offers you a 2 year graduate program into management.

Not just the age, Xavier School of Management has a reputation of being ranked among the top five business schools in India, consistently.

It has been ranked over CNBC, Business today, Business world, and among other top Global Business magazines, so the conclusion is that XSM’s XAT exam results are awaited eagerly in whole of the country.

Courses Offered in The XAT Exams:-

Getting selected in the XAT exams, gets you enrolled in any of the following courses:-

  • International Student Exchange Programme
  • Executive Fellow Programme in Management
  • Executive Post Graduate Programmes (Exec-PGP) in India, Dubai, and Singapore – 3 years
  • Post Graduate Programme for Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management
  • Post Graduate Certification in Agri-Business Management  – 6 months (Ikisan Ltd. and XLRI Joint Management Program)
  • Post Graduate Certification in Business Management  – 12 months
  • Post Graduate Certification in Logistics and Supply Chain Management – 12 months
  • Post Graduate Certification in Human Resource Management – 12 months
  • Executive Diploma Programme in Human Resource Management – 12 months
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management  in Singapore
  • General Management Programme for Defence Personnel
  • Management Development Programmes

And couple other notable courses.

What if Offers:-

Human Resource Management:- 

This is the one Arena where Xavier School of Management dominates the country; it offers you human resource Management  courses, those which are ranked as the best HR Management courses not just in India but in whole of the South Pacific Asia

Global Management Programme:-

Its Global business management program is run in ties with The Weatherhead School of Management, of Cleveland, USA. it’s a 2 years business management program, That was started around August of 2013, and after its launch, it has gained considerable recognition and enrollments from all across the globe.

General Management Programme:-

What’s interesting in the general management program is the way the course proceeds, first of all, you have to clear the core courses which mostly economics, marketing, finance except Rock, and once you have cleared these courses, it is your choice to go for further the elective options.

Now this is something that greatly have to expand your career choices, You can get placed even without the electives options, but you do have the choice to go for them, and get placed better.

Entreprenuership Management:-

At times when entrepreneurship is at its peak, every guy out there is starting his own startup, or is an online entrepreneur. Anyway these are the times when courses like this could flourish, and that’s what Xavier School of Management understands.

Not just that, getting selected for the Xavier School of Management also get you an opportunity for some inter-country  flavors, for example there if the village course, or the Valhalla festival from the college.

Final Words:-

So yeah I do understand if you’re excited about the XAT exam results, you bound to be. I mean it’s just one of the best things that could happen to your academic career, right?

If you’re worried about your results, or need to check your results, I’d say click on the above links. We got just the right resources for you!

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