iPad it is generally a tablet computer and it was designed and marketed by “Apple Inc”. The first i-pad was introduced on April 3, 2010.I-pad uses “IOS” as their operating system and it is used for internet access like web browsing,Emailing and for other entertainments like games, video shoot, playing music, taking photo, etc..,. I-pad mini is the one of the recent versions of I-pad model and which was announced by Apple on October 23, 2012 at California.  Apple provides I-pad mini with following features. The hardware features are as follows,

  • The I-pad is partially same as iPad 2 and it is released with reduced screen size of 7.9 inches.
  • Screen resolutions are of 1024 * 768 with higher pixel densities than i-pad.
  • I-pad mini is having Siri, voice dictation features and it also consists of dual core graphics.

iPad Mini Vs Kindle Fire HD

The software features are as follows,

  • It has an “IOS” with specification of 6.0.1, which is developed and maintained by Apple.
  • It can access Wi-Fi to share internet access.
  • It is coming to the App store which is used for many applications like I-Movie, I-Photo, I-Work.
  • I-Book application is an optional one which is used to download books from iBook store.

The Apple provides many accessories for i-pad mini like Bluetooth, adapters and headphones.


The kindle fire HD is the color touch screen tablet computer and is the second version of the Amazon. The kindle fire HD is available in two forms such as 7 inch and 8.9 inch. The two forms of kindle fire HD were released on different dates. The 7 inch model was released on September 14 and 8.9 inch model was released on November 16. The specifications of the kindle fire HD are as follows,

  • The 7 inch and 8.9 inch models consist of  Texas instruments, OMAP 4460 processor and OMAP 4470 processor respectively.
  • It consists of Dolby audio and stereo speakers and also having two Wi-Fi antennas with Bluetooth.
  • It uses an “Android OS” which is the one main feature in Kindle fire HD.

I-pad mini Vs kindle fire HD:

Everyone has a wish to get HD entertainment in this present computer world. The i-pad mini and kindle fire are two products in recent trend satisfying the needs of consumers with different features. If we compare these two products, kindle fire HD is the best device to enjoy the wonderful HD experience because it has 33% pixels than i-pad mini, so that the picture or image will be more clear and sharp where in i-pad mini you cannot watch TV because it is not an HD device.  The sounding of the device is the most important thing; in kindle fire HD, the quality of sound is better than i-pad mini because it has dual stereo speakers. The cost of the kindle fire HD is low when compared to i-pad mini. In i-pad mini interoperability is limited because Apple products mostly can use only the Apple applications. Ultimately, the kindle fire HD is the best one to watch TV with HD quality, to access internet, to use social network from anywhere compared to i-pad mini.

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