Are you searching for the best Kodi Builds to watch your favorite TV shows and movies? Then you are in the right place. Just proceed with this article and gather the complete details about the Kodi Builds. In general, Kodi is a free video streaming platform that is useful for you to watch your favorite shows and movies. Kodi Builds offers you top-notch add-ons that can make you watch your favorite movies. It comes with the most effective pre-installed add-ons which make it simple to utilize. There is an enormous number of Kodi Builds are available. Each and every Kodi build is having its unique skin and layout.

Process of Kodi Builds:

If you install the Kodi software for the first time, you can find the default Kodi interface with the standard skin and bluish background. Here you can find that, after installing Kodi, it is a must to install add-ons to watch the favorite shows particularly. Do you want to change to the Kodi interface appearance? Do you want to install more add-ons at the same time? Then here comes Kodi Builds for you. It can able to change the software’s default interface and then turn it into something to make more interesting. There are many builds which are having its unique user interface, pre-installed add-ons and design. Below, you can check the Best Kodi Builds in 2020.

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Top Kodi Builds in 2020 for Firestick, Android, iOS and PC Windows:


  • Titanium build

Titanium build is one of the best builds on the Kodi software even though it is new to this world. This build has equipped with the various pack of entertainment that can make it stand unique from the other builds. Through this Titanium build, you can able to enjoy many features. The features are Movies, Live Sports, Kids Zone, YouTube, Live TV, and Sports Highlights and Replays.

  • Kodi World Build

This Kodi World Build launched under the luxury builds category and it also considered as the best build in 2020. The interface is very easy to understand if you are a new user. The size is almost 250 MB. In case you have started making use of Kodi for regular streaming then this build is perfectly suitable for you. This Kodi World Build is available under the luxury repo and one nation repo. Its features are TV shows, Movies, Sports and Live TV add-ons.

  • Diamond Build

Diamond Build is consisting of an enormous number of features which make it be on the top position. It consists of more amounts of potential add-ons for Kodi, along with the famous add-on like Deathstar. Some other main add-ons are Magic Dragon, Sports Devil, and Monster Munch. Then it is packed with various TV stream add-ons. Through this, you can access the American based channels.

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  • Xontech Light Kodi Build

Xontech Light Kodi Build is the perfect choice for you if you are attracted with the lightweight builds. It is the recently build from the AJ repository and the latest features of the IPTV. The complete size of this Xontech Light Kodi Build is around 371 MB. There are different versions are available and it is the light build. The best features are sports and live TV.


  • No Limits Magic Kodi Build

Most number of users on Kodi has given complete positive reviews about this build. While you are looking for online entertainment, this No Limits Magic Kodi Build will be the most unique one. The most important features it consists of are Aeron Flux: Silvo Skin is amazing all the time when you open the Kodi software. The features certain add-ons like Monster Munch, Neptune Rising, Maverick TV, Yoda, Magic Dragon, Uranus and some more.

  • 1Amazing Kodi Build

This software offers you the top-notch Kodi interface design in this Kodi world. When it comes to user interface and outstanding designs, this will tops the list. The major features are TV Shows, Movies, On-demand Content, and Sports.


From the above-mentioned scenario, you can able to find the Best Kodi Builds in 2020. You can choose the build which is suitable for you. Through this build, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Kodi and enjoy!!!

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