While it’s always good to do research about a product or new piece of technology before you buy it, one area that main people fail to check out before they make a purchase from a company is how environmentally responsible that company is. But if this is important to you like it’s becoming more and more important to those realizing the environment is in crisis, learning how to do your own research and really uncover if something is what it claims it is is vital.

Ways To Help You Determine If A New Technology Is As Environmentally Friendly

So to help you in doing this, here are three ways to help you determine if a new technology is as environmentally friendly as it claims. 

Read Into Their Certifications And Badges

When a new technology emerges for sale, the time it has spent being tested will likely have brought about some certifications and badges regarding how well it’s been made. In some cases, these certifications might be related to it being environmentally friendly. But until you actually know what those certifications are and if they can be trusted, you can’t know for sure how much stock to put in those awards. 

As a result, it’s wise to read into any claims a technology makes about winning an award or commendation. Sometimes, businesses are able to pay for these things, which can make getting this certification arbitrary. Additionally, if the certification or badge is from a company that isn’t reputable, you may not find it to mean much to you. 


Research What Type Of Energy Is Used 

Although a product might be considered environmentally friendly to use from the consumer side, if it took a lot of energy to produce or was created unsustainably, it can be deceiving to claim that this new tech isn’t harmful to the environment. 

To determine this, you can look into the type of energy that is used by the company in order to produce this piece of tech. If the company flaunts their commitment to being green and using responsible practices like solar technology and other energy alternatives, it can generally be a safe bet that the tech they’re coming out with was also made as responsibly as possible. 

Look At The “Net Green”

Anytime a business claims that they are a green business, it’s worth looking into what they mean by this. At some point in the supply chain or the manufacturing of the product, there was likely something used or done that wouldn’t be considered “green”. Because of this, what you should really be concerned with is “net green”. What this means is that, throughout the overall process of product and distribution, if there has been a reduction in impact on the environment, that is considered being “net green”.

If you’ve been suspicious of new technology that claims to be “green”, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see how true these claims really are. 

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