Shared v/s Dedicated v/s VPS hosting

In order to stay in touch with the customers or to convey any kind of message, websites are now becoming an important medium in today’s world.  They have become the new language using which businessmen all over the world are keeping contact with their local or international customers and clients.

Having a domain name (such as, .com, .net, .org) and web hosting space is the most important thing in order to make a website. For using a website, one needs to access a server 24X7. The term Web hosting means nothing but running a website using a mother system or a server.

Now, many domain and server providers are available in the market. Users can rent them according to their requirements on a monthly/yearly basis or they can buy domain and server space from the same provider. Now, web hosting can be done in three ways:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Virtual private server

shared vs dedicated vs vps


Shared hosting

It is the most frequently used and simplest type of web hosting. According to many businessmen this shared hosting is the most economical way for hosting their websites. In the shared hosting technique, as the name suggests, many users can share the same server. But sharing the same server does not mean that you can customize or fine-tune all the system variables. No user can use any component from another server. In this hosting procedure, RAM, CPU and Disk Space are shared.  Another positive side of using this kind of hosting is that here, the user can use each and every type of valuable add-ons that included within the server. Some popular add-ons like CDN cPanel, Softaculous, SEO tools and SPAM protection are generally provided implicitly and the users can access the entire server administrative systems.

Disadvantages: Whenever there is a huge load in web-traffic, the website may get affected. The performance will degrade and the speed will become slow.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers allow you to customize the server according to your needs and wishes. With this type of hosting, users have the opportunity to control the entire physical server and they can gain complete access to all its resources. Here you can change the configuration of memory, disk or the network according to your needs. Many dedicated server owners complain that they have no time to control the administrative section of the server. They can solve this problem is by recruiting a skilled admin group for this purpose. There is no need to share the resources with the other customers. So, the user can access more computing power than the other two types of hosting.

Negative side: Sometimes the websites do not need to use the entire power provided by the server. Then, a large amount of energy becomes useless. Moreover, it needs a large investment. This hosting is not ideal for small businesses.

VPS hosting

When you use the Virtual Private Servers, you don’t have to worry about the server bugs or request overloading. Here the users can share the main server CPU with other virtual machines. Users can easily use the other virtual servers’ properties. Virtual private hosting ensures the users an excellent service as it gives the best quality performance when compared to the other two hosting techniques. Its flexibility is the best as the users can access bigger and better host servers and can develop their system from time-to-time according to their needs.


You need a group of highly skilled administrators to control the servers and to debug the problems. You have to be careful while using the virtual systems because many unwanted applications can damage your site. Moreover, it is the costliest hosting system.

Difference between shared VPS and dedicated hosting

Shared hosting, dedicated servers and VPS hosting have a lot of differences:

  • Resources: Shared hosting technique usually accesses a limited number of resources, while the VPS and dedicated hosting use up a large number of resources.
  • Security: Shared hosting is the least secure technique while Virtual private server provides the best security. You need not be concerned about the virus or the Trojan attacks.
  • Scalability: The shared hosting environment is very easy to use as almost every OS applications are compatible with this environment. The dedicated hosting system is less compatible with these applications. However, in VPS, users have to configure software to make them run in the website. Here, users can change the configuration in order to improve the sites’/applications’ performances.             

Why you must use WordPress

The WordPress is undoubtedly the best website and blog designing tool available for the users today. Every small or medium business or the everyday users use the WordPress to make their web presence. However, many people still don’t use it because either they don’t know how to use it or think that they can use other tools for better results. The truth is that there is know better website or blog designing tool once you learn how to use it. You have to realize why you must use WordPress. Here are few reasons that will help you to understand the facilities that WordPress offers you.


It’s free

For many people, expense is a big issue. If you have a limited budget then the WordPress is your best choice for web designing tool. You just need to buy the domain name and the hosting space for your website. The WordPress will provide you with all the required tools for designing your website which can be fully functioning and you won’t have to pay anything for that.

User-friendly tools

Many people think that WordPress is not easy to use as it has many different options and tools. However, if you give it a try then you will realize how easy it is to use WordPress with all its great functions. The tools of WordPress are very powerful and they have been designed in a way that makes them easy to use for all kinds of users. You also have great guides online which can help.

The versatility

The versatility provides WordPress with a great reach as it comes with a great range of tools that you can use to make any kind of website. It has many different options and facilities with the ability to use gadgets and plugins. All these make WordPress a great tool which is best for website designing of any kind. No matter you want an e-commerce site or a simple blog, the WordPress can help you with it.


The WordPress is trustworthy and that is very important when you are launching a new website or blog. The WordPress is one tool that makes website designing not only easy but also effective for you. It’s a tool that you can trust because it’s completely safe and offer you great range of security solutions. You can design a completely safe website with WordPress.

Free support

The WordPress themes and plugins make your website the one that you always wanted to have. There are plenty of free themes and plugins available for the WordPress websites which you can use to design the website and make it fully functioning. There are millions of them available online and they are free. That makes things easier for you to build and maintain your website with ease.

Updating the site

Updating and maintaining a WordPress website or blog is very easy. The WordPress comes with a long list of content management tools that make website maintenance very easy and effective. You can easily update, manage and delete the contents of a site designed by WordPress. Even a new user can handle the tools easily.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

WordPress is most popular blogging platform on the Internet. It provides most user-friendly experience to the blogger. WordPress has changed the way of blogging with its easy to use facilities and features. Most of bloggers use WordPress as their blogging platform. There are lots of bloggers on the Internet those does not have knowledge on coding. That’s why WordPress has provided facility of plugin which provides a way to implement specified code with one-click installation. This facility of WordPress has changed the way of blogging.

I have created list of Top 5 WordPress plugins which must be installed in your blog to take your blog to the next level.

1. Wordpress SEO Plugin

This amazing plugin was developed by Joost de Valk. It will help you to make your post/article SEO friendly. I am also using this plugin since I have started my blogging career. Most amazing feature of WordPress SEO Plugin is focus keyword where you have to give your keyword for which you want to rank in search engine. Most good feature is Snippet Preview which provides you preview of your post as like seen in search Engine. It is one of the best plugin in Top 5 WordPress Plugin.

Wordpress SEO Plugin

2. W3 Total Cache

It will decrease your blog’s load time. So, it improves your user experience at next level. This is must have plugin if you have good numbers of visitors daily. It will cache your website/blog to load very fast.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

Every website must have sitemaps to be crawled easily by Search Engine. Making sitemaps is easy task if you use Google XML Sitemaps in your blog. This providesone-click installation in your blog to create XML sitemaps which will be easily crawled by every search engine. It will improve your crawling rate.

4. Akismet

If you have blog then lots of people will come to your blog to comment on it. This is good thing that lots of people will comment on your blog but what about when some automatic tools will overflow your blog with comments? Then Akismet will help you to filter spam comments. I am also using this plugin to filter spam comments. I am recommending you this plugin in my list of Top 5 WordPress plugin.

5. Broken Link Checker

Every blog has so many links with their posts. Sometime pointing someone’s link will create negative impression if it generates 404 on landing page. So, it is veryimportant to check every link in your posts with landing page. Broken Link Checker will check broken links with every post in your blog.

I hope you have installed above Top 5 WordPress plugins in your blog/website. If you haven’t installed it in your blog then do it fast now.

Auhtor bio:Shakil Thasariya is blogger from Wankaner, India. He writes on various topics like Technology, Blogging, Gadgets,Recruitment, Finance, Health.”

Top Social Bookmarking WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing

The blogging is not just a hobby now. Many people are taking it as a profession day by day. The no. of blogs are increasing day by day and so the competition is. As a blogger you must be familiar with the benefits of Social Networking Sites in the field of blogging. Actually in the past some years, the craze of social sites, has increased too much. That’s why every blogger is taking the Social Media very seriously, as now a days, it is also one of the major sources of the traffic.

Almost every blogger currently is using the social media plugins for social bookmarking purposes. Some bloggers are using the simple official Twitter and Facebook buttons and some are developing extra featured plugins themselves. A lots of online sites are there, which provide you features rich social bookmarking plugins. Well, there are thousands of websites for the same. After seeing a huge rush of such sites and plugins, you will get confused that which one are the right for you. So I decided to create this post, in which I am going to post some of the best social bookmarking plugins, that you can use in your website and take the full benefit of social sites.

So here is the list of Top Social Bookmarking plugins.


It is the probably best social bookmarking plugin for the WordPress. The plugin gives you to access to use the social bookmarking button on the different positions. You can set the buttons to any position that you want. You can place the social buttons top or below the content. You also have the allowance to use the buttons on the left or right of the content.


WP Socializer

This one is the plugin with lots of options. The plugin give you access to the 105 social buttons including the social buttons for the major sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. This plugin gives your visitors access to share your content on any social networking site, they want.

WP Socializer

WordPress Sharebar

This one is not as old as the others, but in a short time, the plugin has got very famous. Now the plugin can be found on the popular blogs as well. This plugin places a fixed vertical bar on the left side or right side of your content, this vertical bar contains buttons to the major social networking sites.

Wordpress Sharebar

The Slide

This one is personally my favorite. This is not any  book marking plugin, but it is a related posts plugin. Means, this plugin shows the related post of any particular article in a very modern way. So this plugin keep the visitor interested on your blog and increases the average visit time.

The Slide

Share This

This is the plugin which can be commonly found on most of the WordPress blogs. This is recommended plugin for each and every one. The best part about this plugin is that, on the one hand it gives your visitors the various choices of social networking sites, on which they can share your content and on the other hand, this plugin do not cover the valuable space on your website.

Share This

So it was the list of top 5 Social Bookmarking plugins for WordPress. These plugins are the best one for social sharing purposes. As a blogger, you must know the benefit of social networking sites. The Social Networking sites have a huge rush of traffic every day, you can attract this traffic to your blog by making use of these plugins on your WordPress blog.

Hope you like the article. If you know any other good social bookmarking plugin, that we did not mention here, then please let us know this via your comments below.

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