Within the biggest Nokia Mobile phones of 2011

Presently, in the event you notice the word “phone” you immediately consider the  apple company apple iphone along with other elegant device available on the market. Little will we realize that may be plenty of top excellent phones available that are way within the price variety of the apple company apple iphone. Where else can easily see get excellent phones with cheap pricing but from Nokia. Nokia could be a stalwart in the cellular cell phone industry, providing top excellent products within affordable prices. Outlined below are 5 in technology phones from Nokia, full of advantages and disadvantages.


Rank 5 – Nokia 7020


– Included add-ons are incredibly useful. The WH-101 nokia Music program system program Wireless headset is undoubtedly a very lovely offer.

– The cell phone really has truly low SAR score. A SAR or Particular Ingestion Rates are a way to evaluate the quantity of R / c trend or radio trend visibility features within the actual cellular cell phone. The satisfactory score actually grows to 1.6 w/kg. The nokia 7020 functions a SAR score of .51 w/kg.


– Little documenting rate of 15 fps.

– The 7020 functions a several mega-pixel camera

– Battery life is a little bit under its options. With only 276 moments price of talk-time, it takes less utilization time for many individuals who be dependent intensely by themselves phones.

Rank 4 – Nokia X1-00


– Very prolonged power supply everyday living. Once the think that it’s 786 moments price of talk-time there, then it is essentially a everyday living short-cut for most individuals.

– Included add-ons undoubtedly really are a appeal. The WH-102 Nokia Music program system program Wireless headset that’s incorporated in the bundle is undoubtedly a very useful add-on.


– For very much any bar cell phone, the X1 is incredibly hefty. The cell phone is all about 16mm wide that create it rather inappropriate getting a.

– The X1 functions a SAR score of generally one.01 w/kg. A more stream-lined quantity higher but you’ll find better phones offered with smaller SAR rankings.

Rank 3 – Nokia E7-00


– The Nokia E7 is High-definition multimedia program prepared to really can generally watch HD excellent video clips noted within the E7 for an Hd tv.

– The E7 sports a 4. in. angled display getting a remedy of 640 x 360 p.

– The E7 functions a complete standard key pad.

– Nokia has installed the E7 getting a number of eco functions that could be a considerable plus with others.


– No storage development position.

– It weight 176 h, which can create it rather hefty for very much any cell phone.

– Create a mobile phone with only 350mb price of storage with no storage development position.

– Professionals believe that the 1200mAh power supply is not enough for very much any 4-incher.

Rank 2 – Nokia 5250


– The 5250 has 462 moments of talk-time under its situation.

– Add-ons incorporated confirm helpful in a number of events.

– It’s a Symbian cell phone.

– Great cell phone due to your hard obtained money


– Little display for very much any mobile phone. (2.8 in. display getting a remedy of 640 x 360 pixels)

– SAR score is above regular around 1.06 w/kg.

– 14mm does not create 5250 a fashionable cell phone.

– The built-in storage might be a shame. (51mb)

– Your digital digicam may have been better.


Rank 1 – Nokia N9


– Control buttons developed by using actions/gestures.

– Sexy 3.9 in. display.

– Pre packed applications and games.


– The OS used (MeeGo) is not incredibly trusted and could use act as chink within the armour.

– Future up-dates and applications are incredibly unlikely.

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