Vocabulary plays an important part in dealing with all kinds of questions come in descriptive or objective forms. Therefore, learning new words daily is a very good habit. Different types of questions are being asked in different competitive examinations. So, it’s better to be well prepared in vocabulary. English papers in competitive examination consist of comprehensive writing, filling in blanks, jumble words, idioms and phrases, error finding and synonyms and antonyms. English vocabulary can help a lot to actually understand the meaning and the difference between each and every word. To improve your vocabulary, a list of some difficult words English words is given along with its meaning so as to make you understand the crux of the basic need to learn most of these to crack any examination:

Words in English Meaning


Grotesque Ugly or distorted
Cardinal Important  or fundamental
Incandescent Radiant or brilliant
Ferocious Fierce , unruly or brutal
Logjam Blockage or restricted access
Deferment Postponement
Harangue Sermonize  or lecture aggressively
Jurisprudence Theory of law
Embodiment Personification or a visible form of an idea or feeling etc.
Bewilder Confuse or puzzled
 Nimble Quick or agile
Orchestrate Coordinate or plan to make thing happen
Quaint Old fashioned, appealing or attractive
Nostrum Medicine whose efficacy is questionable
Quixotic Idealistic or unrealistic
Liturgy A form of worship or ritual
Quash Nullify, overturn or quell
Ludicrous Absurd or nonsensical
Larceny Robbery or pilfering
Admonish Rebuke or warn about strongly
Tirade Outburst  or censure
alacrity Eagerness
Amorphous Shapeless, vague
Vociferous Vehement outcry, raucous
Whimper Moaning or fuss
Zenith Peak or  acme
Vertigo Dizziness, giddiness or abscess
Usurp Take over, seize or confiscate
Trepidation Nervousness or consternation
Transgress Disobey or contravene
Gibe Taunt or mock
Emulate Imitate with effort or surpass
Abnegation The rejection of a belief
Abstruse Difficult to understand
Accede Yield to another’s wish
Acumen Shrewdness shown by keen insight
Adverse In opposite direction
Alacrity Liveliness
Amorphous Having no definite shape
Annex Attach to
Arcane Requiring secret knowledge
Bane Something causing death
Bilk Cheat somebody out of money
Callous Emotionally hardened
Candor Quality of being honest
Cavort Play boisterously
Cleave Separate with a sharp tool
Cognizant Having or showing knowledge
Conduit A passage through which water or electric wires can pass
Construe Making sense of
Convivial Occupied with or fond of the pleasure of good company
Dearth An insufficient quantity
Debunk Expose while ridiculing
Despot A cruel dictator
Didactic Excessively instructive
Dour Showing a brooding ill humor
Edict A formal proclamation
Elegy A mournful poem
Engender Call forth
Espouse Choose and follow a theory
Evince Give expression to
Exhort Spurge on by cheers and shouts
Expedient Appropriate to a purpose
Extol Praise
Fortuitous Lucky
Hapless Unfortunate and deserving pity
Inane Devoid of intelligence
Inimical Not friendly
Inure Cause to accept
Knell Sound of a bell rung slowly to declare a death
Litigant A party to a lawsuit
Mendacious Given to lying
Modicum A small token amount
Nadir Lowest point of anything
Noisome Offensively malodorous
Paradigm A typical example
Paucity An insufficient quantity
Pert Characterized by a saucy quality
Pithy Concise and full of meaning
Probity Complete and confirmed integrity
Proscribe Command against
Quaint Attractively old-fashioned
Relegate Assign to a lower position
Rescind Cancel officially
Rife Excessively abundant
Solicitous Full of anxiety and concern
Staid Characterized by dignity
Tome A large and scholarly book
Toady A person who tries to please someone to gain advantage
Utilitarian Having a useful function
Veracity Unwillingness to tell lie
Vilify Spread negative information about
Wanton A lewd person
Yoke Join with stable gear
Tirade A speech of violent denunciation
Zephyr  A slight wind
Vitriolic Harsh tone
Vituperate Spread negative information about
Vestige An indication that something has been present
Turpitude A corrupt or degenerate act or practice
Truculent Defiantly aggressive
Trite Repeated too often
Swarthy Naturally having skin of dark colour

Having a good vocabulary is very much important and helpful to crack any kind of competitive exams. English language holds a large part in any competitive exam and having a good vocabulary would help the candidate to score immensely well in this part. Questions such as antonyms, synonyms and essay writing are places where having a large vocabulary are helpful.

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