Why choosing a good blogging niche is important?

What is Niche? Niche is a specific area of marketing which has its own requirements, customers and products. Generally this is the meaning of niche. So, in this context, a specific “top discussed” part in your blog is the definition of niche. If you choose your niche right then the blog popularity is ensured. Writing about life is not a bad idea; but if it is any other topic, then finding a niche is very necessary. Well not everything is as big as ‘life’ right!


Deciding on blog niche can seem to be hard and confusing in the beginning, but is not impossible to master. Assuming you already know the art of bargaining, choosing niche for your blog is no different from it. It is very important to shop for the right blog niches. There are two factors that decide if the niche is good or not, one being- if the topic interests you and the second one being- topics which are likely to be popular among the audience/bloggers.

Popularity matters a lot

Popularity is not just for the celebrities; a person who has a website requires readers fundamentally. Well, if your main goal is to ‘write’ then a journal will get the work done; on the other hand a website needs readers or visitors. Readers expect a specific topic to be covered by you and when to talk about many topics at once they tend to lose interest because a particular niche is not focused on or discussed.

Readers become fans of blogs which offer specific topics, rather than the ones which try to cover a variety of topics. Well an occasional drift is allowed because of the fact that you are human. If you have one blog post about music, another about photography, another about your cat, then you will lose readers eventually. If you choose indoor cooking as your niche and your blog posts differ a lot and often jump to other topics then your readers will start losing interest, complain or even leave which is even worse. So a focus on the niche market provides readers with expected satisfaction.

Making money

If your goal is to make profit or to earn income, then a website niche is a must. If the website provides just information then you should focus on bringing in advertisements and sponsors. In order to earn income from advertisements and also to get sponsors, it is necessary for your blog to have a niche that attracts readers.

Get recognized as an expert

The biggest advantage of having a focus on website niche is that the readers consider you as a credible source for information search. If your daily readers have no clue about the next blog, this will result in credibility loss. If you make the habit of providing your readers with information on a routine basis then they will start looking at your website as an expert and will come to you if they need any information about that particular niche.

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