Thinking about digital security probably doesn’t keep you up at night. But if you own a business, you know that there is a lot of anxiety about privacy, money, success, and a million other topics. At the cross-section of all those categories – you may find that digital security plays more of an important role than you previously considered.

As a business owner, which types of digital security should you be most concerned with? First of all, there is the practical kind. Practical security means doing things like ensuring that all employees and customers maintain password best practices. Second, there is a high-tech kind of digital security.

Do you know what it’s like to have server intrusion protection? If not, now may be the time to look into it. And lastly, you should recognize the need for real-time updates when it comes to all of your software and hardware. Hackers are creative people and know how to exploit all sorts of equipment – if you don’t update every time an update is available, you are at risk immediately.

The Practical Kind

First, think about practical digital security. A primary thing that comes to mind is password best practices. If you, any of your employees, or any of your customers have an easily accessible email address with an easy to crack password, your entire system is going to be at risk.

Especially if one of your administrators gets hacked, that has the potential for all kinds of disasters from the inside of your business out. 

The High-Tech Kind

Then you can think of the high-tech kind of digital security. Do you need to know when a digital intruder is present? If so, there are pieces of equipment and types of software that can alert you to these intruders while blocking them out at the same time. High-tech digital security often comes in the form of various packages that rely on end to end encryption as well.

Especially if you have sensitive data on your business’s computer systems or in the cloud, knowing that that encryption is there can keep you from being less professionally anxious.

Recognizing the Need for Real Time Updates

How often should you update your software and hardware components? The answer to that is that you should update every time there is an availability of an update. You may feel annoyed having to hit the refresh and install buttons every few days or even every few weeks or months.

But without updating these components, you are opening yourself up to the exploitive abilities of hackers and crackers everywhere. Especially when it comes to significant software upgrades, don’t let your computer system or phone apps sit too long without updating.

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