The recent electronic show held in Las Vegas, unveils the great travel gadgets this year that have been favorite of many people in several countries like Sweden, Japan, Singapore.These gadgets are intended to give aunique travelling experience to the customers.

Travel gadgets

Grooveshark Bluetooth car kit

travel gadgets

This is an amazing car radio player that is featured with Bluetooth.   It enhances your travelling experience by enabling you to make hand free calls by simple use of this device and mobile phones. Beside this, you can enjoy groove shark radio music with around 15 million songs.You can share music with friends and create your own music library, and mostly importantly it keeps on charging your phone, while you listen to music.


Solo wheel is a unique electric cycle at a very low cost. It is one of the smallest cycles in the world. You can pack it up in your car and start riding whenever you wish. Since it’s an electronic unicycle so it’s wonderful to ride this gadget since it is self balanced and support rides upto 10mph or nearly 15-20 miles. It’s just a fun moving on this gadget.


Relay rides is a unique way ofborrowing and lending car in the nearest area. This outstanding gadget has been powered by the onstar and cost just$5 per hour.  By using this travelling gadget you can locate the car and unlock with your phone itself and drive it as long as you want.

Recon instruments MOD live

This device is designed with HD display and gives you the information regarding the time, place and images. You can use this gadget everywhere right from the life to tracking on mountains. The best part of the gadget is that it can record the stats of your sports like trekking, riding etc. Meanwhile you also share images using dashboards, listen to music and enjoy clicking snaps.

Power trek

Often people, while travelling, get upset and bored because their phone or MP3 player gets discharged. Power trek is a great invention in the field of travelling gadget. It is exactly a charger that is exclusively water powered and portable to carry. This product allows you to charge your mobile phones and other gadgets instantly just by mixing it up with power pukk.

Playstation Vita

For avid gamers,Sony has introduced great gaming experience while travelling. It is a fascinating device infused with cameras, sensors and internet connections.  The brilliant 5-inch display with touch screen will allow you to connect people through the world and play games.

Spare one phone:

It is a great phone that works in any adversities of nature. It can work on any network in the world and free from internet connections.

TYLT band

It is a car phone charger which is designed in the shape of belt. It is very comfortable and easily charges your phone.

JetBook color

If you are passionate about the  reading while travelling, it is a unique gadget that has text and alluring images.

The kube 2

The kube 2 is a world’s smallest Mp3 player, where you can store around 8k songs and has awesome sound quality.

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