Top Smartphone Apps for Real Estate Agents

When your potential clients are looking for a new property to invest in, they’re sure to be ready for whatever you throw at them. Staying on the go with their communication skills is one way that they can bargain for the best prices. As a real estate agent, you need to have the same thought process. Keeping a mound of paperwork with you, while your internet connection remains in your office isn’t very feasible with today’s technology. There are several smartphone apps available for real estate agents to simplify their jobs and we’ve rounded up some of the best ones that are out there today.


Rather than lugging around endless amounts of paperwork, it’s time that you consolidated a bit. Dropbox is essentially an online hard drive that allows you to upload, download, and edit files from where you are. In minutes you could have a contract prepared for a prospective buyer and email it to them without ever having to return to your desk.


If you’re one to have to do presentations for multiple people or audiences that are looking to make property investments, keynote is going to be your saving grace. Compatible with most major presentation builders, Keynote gives you all of the great desktop computer functionality right in the palm of your hands. Create eye-catching slides while you’re on the go.


If you’ve got a large following, webcasts can be a great way to show off new property with a live walkthrough. UStream allows you to stream video straight from your smartphone to an online resource that people can simply log onto and watch whenever you’re broadcasting. There’s no more having to shoot footage, head back to your office, and begin editing, when you can show of a house simply by walking through it with your smartphone.


Docusign is the new smartphone app that is changing the need for real estate agents to even have an office. With a few swipes of your thumb, you can sign documents electronically, rather than in person or by fax. With this app, you can sign for things between showing different properties, and never miss a beat when you’ve got the goal of selling in mind.


One of the largest directories for real estate agents offers an app to help manage your profile. With the REALTOR smartphone app, you can customize your profile, edit text and upload photos at your convenience, without ever having to be near a computer.


When you want to keep an eye on foreclosures, but you’re too busy trying to sell properties that you have already been assigned to, ForeclosureRadar helps keep you updated while you’re on the go. This app does require a membership, but updates you on the status of any property you’re interested in in real-time.

Google Earth

This popular app is going to help you get potential clients a little closer with their neighborhoods and surrounding area. Google Earth gives you 306-degree panoramic views of a house, as well as bird’s eye views to allow you to describe the area and the surrounding roads and traffic near a specific piece of property.


Using the number one local listing site in the world is going to give you the opportunity to talk about the amenities to a specific neighborhood without having to fiddle with endless paperwork. Keeping yelp on your phone lets you show off what businesses are nearby any specific address.

Mortgage Calculator

Help your potential buyers understand how much they can expect to pay on a monthly basis depending on their interest rates and the length of their mortgage. It may be simple math, but having the answer right at your fingertips can mean the difference between closing a sale and having to show a property to another client.

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