Yes, you read it right! You can have an iOS 11 on your android without tweaking it. Just everyone can use this guide; you don’t have to be a developer to make your Android like an iOS 11. Most people prefer iPhones over Android and of course, it is backed by legit reasons.

iPhones are celebrated for their superior quality, incredible privacy protection, smooth running, over-the-top functionality, and much more. Maybe you cannot buy an iPhone right now but nonetheless you can make it look like one!

Top 6 Apps That Mimic The Feel Of iPhone On Your Android Device


The release of iOS 11 set customers and admirers on fire. With the introduction of new, drool worthy features, iOS topped the market again. The much needed DND while driving, customizable control center, smarter keyboard and to add to that Siri can now translate English phrases into various languages like Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Though Android is a bit behind, you can still utilize the exceptional customizability of it to get the experience of an iOS. The flexibility of Android is what gets people attracted to it. Though iPhones have many qualities, one of the major drawbacks is that they don’t leave room for many changes. Since no rooting is required, you can do this on any android and don’t have to worry about getting anything wrong on your precious device.

Here’s a list of all the apps you’ll have to download to give your device that classy look of an iPhone.

Top 6 Apps To Mimic The Feel Of iPhone:

1. iOS 11 Launcher:

Rating- 4.1

Developer- Mikara Mobile

iOS 11 Launcher introduces a different level to the display style of your phone. The subtle changes it introduces to your device will make it look fabulous. Automatic, intelligent assortment of all the apps and easy and faster navigation are some of its advantages. The launcher can be customized with different themes and icons when things feel relatively repetitive to you. It can easily be downloaded from PlayStore. Download the APK file and then install it and set it as the default launcher.

2. iOS 11 Locker – iPhone 8 Lock Screen:

Rating- 4.8

Developer- iOS Lock Screen Style

iOS 11 Locker has become more powerful than ever. You can easily swipe from anywhere to get all the notifications displayed on your lock screen. With password protection enabled, you can improve your privacy protection. Read all the notifications, missed and new together. It has the option of intruder selfie, which is really useful if you want to know who tried to unlock your phone. It can be downloaded from the PlayStore and installed easily. The app has impressive rating and comments.

3. Apple Keyboard:

Rating- 3.7

Developer- Arvin Jayanake

Apple introduced a smarter keyboard in iOS 11. Flick keys, one-handed mode make it easier to use than ever. Apple Keyboard is cool and delivers faster typing. It provides a convenient way to message, email or chat throughout the applications. You can get it from the PlayStore for free.

4. iNotify 11:

Rating- 4.2

Developer- Gail Schiffhauer

iNotify offers beautiful iOS-style notification center for your Android.

It delivers an easy-to-use notification panel on the lock screen and lets you choose from a range of colors to set as the default. Also, it has quick search apps with an iLauncher style search bar. You can call or text back with one tap on any missed call notification. iNotify lays down the original look of iOS on your device.

5. Control Center – Control OS11:

Rating- 4.7

Developer – LuuTinh

Customizable Control Center is yet another awesome feature of iOS 11. It gives you instant access to all the widgets you want like camera, clock, music, etc., on a single panel.

You can swipe up, right, left from the edge of the screen to open it. Put together all of your favorite apps and frequently used settings like Airplane mode button, Wi-Fi, DND, Flashlight, and many more. Color, position, size, and vibration can also be customized as per your needs. The control center also makes navigation much faster on your device.

6. iCamera OS 10 11:

Rating – 4.1

Developer- Poka Levy

This is an extremely user-friendly camera with the same interface as iOS 10, 11. The aim of this camera, according to the developers, is to help Apple fans get the experience of iOS 11 without having to buy it, just as we are trying to do.

It is a simple app with various filters, namely mono, fade, white, chrome, blue, transfer just like an iOS. You can capture HD pictures and square videos/photos. Fine-tune easily all of your pictures, using this next level editing tool like a pro.

With all of this said and done, if you still aren’t satisfied with just apps and want more than ever on your device, you can try rooting your phone using this Android Rooting guide. With the experience of these apps adorning your Android, I bet you’ll taste having an iPhone instead of an Android. Go on, simply install all these awesome applications and enjoy something newer and edgier than Android.

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