Top 5 Must Have Gadgets for College Students

There are many gadgets that a student requires. However, there are those that are a must have. Students need gadgets that rotate around their things, which are entertainment, information and communication.

Therefore, below are the top five must have application when you are going to college.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer prime

This hardware is thinner than the iPad 2, Thereby making it light in weight. This can support micro SD and micro HDMI. The out video is very clear that you may think that you are seeing the real thing. When you have this device is like having a laptop with you, but in the real sense, it is not a laptop. All this are the best thing about this device. However, as you know, all this have a bad side and the best one. Therefore, the limitations that this device has are; there are many games that cannot be supported by this device. However, this can bring damage to the frame rates. Secondly, if you are not careful when connected to the dock keyboard, it can easily slide off the tablet when it becomes top-heavy. Furthermore, it is easy for it to fall of a table or lap.

HP folio 13

The advantage part of this device is that it has the best battery life, excellent backlit keyboard and a very comfortable feel. This device can be used to do all the research that one has. Furthermore, the price is very affordable for this great device. However, this device has few limitations. The limitations are it has no looker when you compare with others, and it is a bit heavier and thicker than laptops.

Overall, this device is the best when you to window ultra books. Furthermore, it is also the best because of its performance, price, and it is economic.

Sony cyber short DSC-HX9V

When a student goes to college, they must keep the memory alive when they complete school. What is the best way than to use a camera to do that? Well, this device will help to remember the good old days when they get old. This camera has the best zooming lenses that have made it easy for one to take pictures that are far.

Apple iPad

This device can help a student in his studies. However, for it to help him there must be applications that are helpful. For example, when they are in class, and you have heard a word that you have never heard it again, you can always look up in your iPad for the meaning if you have a dictionary application in it. Therefore, it is one of the must have gadgets.

Apple iPhone

This phone is one of the must have gadgets. The reason for this is that it has everything in one gadget. This means that this device can do many functions such as calling, messaging, internet, taking photos, saving important applications and many others. This smart phone is the best thing that one can have. The price of this device is relatively cheap. Therefore, do not worry about the price

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