Top 10 Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are quite well known typefaces that are frequently used in journals, newspapers, books and other forms of printed media. Widely recognized by editors as cleaner and much sober and elegant to look at, Serif fonts are often preferred over other typefaces. Serifs are believed to have been originated from Latin alphabet having inscriptional letterings, which were words that were carved in stones during the Roman antiquity. Outlines of Roman letters were first painted in stones, the brush strokes of which were then followed by stone carvers around the corners and stroke ends, thereby creating the Serifs. Another theory of their origin states that the Serifs were created to tidy up the line ends when they were grafted into stone.

Download these classic Serif fonts to use them in your own templates for free.


Amplitude Picture

Bambi Bold

Bambi Bold Image


BluePlateSpecialSW Photo


Cairo Picture

Canarsie Slab JL

Canarsie Slab JL Image


Chachie Photo

Credit River

Credit River Picture


Culturalstupidity Image


DarkWind Photo


Eccentrical Picture


Ferrorosso Image


HamburgerHeaven Photo

The clarity of these Serif fonts make them usable for both formal as well as non-formal platforms. They are a great choice for body text as they are much easier to read or understand than the sans-serif fonts. Numerous types of Serif types are in existence. You can use these fonts for both professional and non-professional purposes. Don’t forget to share them as well with other users.

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