When you own a business that sells a product, how you choose to package that product can have a big impact on the ultimate success of your business. So if you’ve noticed that your product isn’t selling as well as you think it could or should be, you might want to take a look at that packaging to see just what changes you could make to bring about some improvement.

To help you in doing this, here are three things to consider when doing a redesign for your product packaging

Know Your Brand Guidelines

The very first thing you’ll want to nail down when designing or redesigning your product packaging is what your brand guidelines are and what design elements you’ll want to include in your packaging in order to have a consistent brand image.

According to Kelly Morr, a contributor to 99Designs.com, some of the elements you’ll need to nail down will include what colors you’ll be using, what fonts you have included in your brand guidelines previously, and what your logo is. All of these things will have a big influence on where you go with the overall design, so make sure they’re your jumping off point for the redesign process. 

What Your Competitors Are Doing

Another thing you’ll want to consider when redesigning your product packaging is what your competitors are doing with their packaging.

While it makes sense to create packaging that obviously fits in with the industry or market that you’re in, what you don’t want to do, according to Ted Mininni, a contributor to Packaging Digest, is to create new packaging that people can’t easily differentiate from your competitor’s. Your new packaging design should help you stand out from your competition and showcase your brand as the better option than anything that you’ll be positioned next to on store shelves.  

Construction Requirements

The actual construction of your new packaging should be given some thought as well. 

According to Domenick Celentano, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, you’ll want to think about how your product will look on store shelves and how its appearance will reflect both on the actual product and on your company as a whole. Additionally, you’ll want to consider how the packaging will stand up to shipping and shelving processes as well as what impact your materials or printings will have on the environment, as this can reflect on the reputation of your business, too. 

If you are thinking about redesigning the packaging for your product but aren’t sure what changes to make or how those changes might affect your business, either positively or negative, consider using the information presented above to help you make the right decision for your organization.

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