Skilled IT personnel are always in high demand, and are central to the smooth functioning of any organization. The biggest role in the efficiency of any IT unit is played by the effective implementation of an intelligent framework and processes. ITIL v4 is a set of techniques that is everything any IT department could ever need, and proficiency in ITIL v4 is indispensable for any IT professional who wants to excel in the field. This framework is used by numerous large corporations and start-ups, and any individual certified in ITIL v4 is guaranteed to be in high demand, highly paid and highly respected. And because this framework is used by numerous organizations, enrolling in the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification course can be a real game-changer.

The ITIL v4 Foundation Certification and Training: Everything you need to know

The ITIL v4 foundation exam requires unwavering preparation and the right guidance. It is important that candidates choose a course that can give them the comprehension needed to ace the exam. The ITIL 4 Foundation course covers the following topics:


A short introduction to ease all learners into the course and familiarise them with what they can expect to experience.

Key Concepts of Service Management 

A thorough explanation of the key concepts involved in delivering value to customers through services. Some of the topics covered in this section are:

  • Value co-creation,
  • Managing the major stakeholders: the organization, the service provider, the service consumers which includes the customers, users, and sponsors,
  • Service relationships,
  • Utility and warranty,
  • Managing products and services, and
  • Estimating outcomes, costs and risks related to delivering the aimed value.

Four Dimensions of Service Management 

ITIL 4 is an upgraded version that approaches service management in a relatively more holistic manner, with the following four dimensions in focus:

  • People and organizations – Staff needs to be at the right competency and capacity, and the spirit of a corporate culture that aligns with the organization’s objectives needs to imbibed in every individual
  • Technology and information – The technologies, knowledge, and information needed for service management within the service value system must be prudently handled
  • Suppliers and partners – Attention to the suppliers that are central to the designing, deployment, distribution, support and constant improvement of the services and their relations to the firm
  • Value streams and processes – The integration and cohesion of various parts of the organization

ITIL Service Value System

The ITIL Service Value System (SVS) is a structure that ensures all components of the firm and the relevant interfaces that interact with other organizations run like a well-oiled machine, in perpetual smooth motion while creating value in alignment with the firm’s objectives. This system is essentially a chain of flexible operations build to go about the process of creating and delivering value and improving services in an orderly manner. The system value chain has six distinct phases: plan, improve and engage, then design and transition, build/obtain, deliver and support. This chain, when combined in unique sequences, can allow an organization to determine numerous varying value streams.

ITIL Management Practices

At the core of ITIL 4 is a shift in focus from processes to best practices; and under this updated content, there is a long list of management practices under general management practices, service management practices and technical management practices that aim to compile an array of organizational resources that can help perform a task and accomplish objectives more efficiently. These practices have enabled organizations to create a specific process tailored to satisfy and specific customer demands and innovate through modern methods of working.

The ITIL v4 course prepares the candidate for real-world office situations as well as for the exam, through interactive sessions with instructors experienced in the field, available in classrooms or online training sessions. The training course also offers mock sample tests created after careful analysis of the usual questionnaires to prepare candidates for the real thing.

Exam format and cost

The exam is a 40 question multiple choice question paper to be answered within the duration of 60 minutes, and getting 26 right out of 40 will get a candidate passed. The two-day preparation course costs Rs 25,000 in India and is available online or in several cities across the entire country. Remember, the ITIL 4 Foundation Training Program might just be the leg-up you need to take you to the next level.

Job roles for ITIL 4 certified professionals

The ITIL 4 Foundation course can be extremely useful for employees in the roles of service process owners, database administrators, software professionals, ITSM Managers, IT Digital, Product, and Development employees, IT professionals, service managers and anyone looking to start their career in service management. There are no prerequisites to take the course or the exam, so ITIL 4 welcomes every earnest professional!

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