Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a deputy of the Indian Railways that deals with the tourism, catering and online labeling undertakings of the latter, with over five lacs fifty thousand to six lacs bookings daily. It is the planet’s second busiest and highest of 15 to 16 Lakhs of tickets daily. Today we teach you the IRCTC registration process and how to create an account, log in and How to Book Tickets easily.

Why Choose IRCTC?


 IRCTC is the deputy of the Indian Railways. Indian Railways is one of the most significant convoy systems in the nation. Technology has altered the means we book tickets with IRCTC Login. Presently we have the facility to book tickets online before it was only to wait outside the platform in the ticket counter in a long line. You can also cancel IRCTC tickets online, and now your query will be how to create an IRCTC account then?  Firstly, You can review the IRCTC (Individual Registration process). You can have it with tourism, online tickets, and Tatkal Booking tickets. It is effortless to Sign up on IRCTC or build a new IRCTC account.

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How Easy the IRCTC Registration Process?

Within this technology world, you need to retain an IRCTC account, and you furthermore don’t understand how to counsel a receipt on IRCTC then you are in need of a guide. Reserving a ticket through the IRCTC is very simple, and it evolves crucial to all as everyone remembers to book the ticket at least one time in his entire life. And when you’re a periodic traveler, again it’s a must for you indeed to have an IRCTC account. It enables a lot of time savers. So mainly you need to know how to utilize IRCTC Registration. So you do not need to worry about to book the ticket for any journey, and also you can cancel the ticket whenever you want, and you will receive your money back on your account.

How many times do you need to register?

IRCTC has compelled only a one-time registration procedure for several people who would want to guide trains through Cleartrip and additional third-party websites. IRCTC deems this technique may enable curb deceitful rail reservations. To proceed to build your train doubts, you will have to enroll with IRCTC by accomplishing a 3-step procedure.

IRCTC Registration is very crucial if you would like to guide railway receipts online. Establishing an account on IRCTC exists relatively simple and may be done within a few minutes in some easy steps. The aspect you want to attain is barely for the comprehensive owed evidence given in this article. You can furthermore use an Android, Pc, laptop, cyber cafe or any iOS application to reserve your IRCTC Ticket online.

How to Login?

We are in a world full of technology; once in our life, we are getting on to meet a strategy where we want to book tickets online. You can enter your account with IRCTC private enrollment procedure. That account will be just a deliberation that is moderately expected IRCTC ratifies that. Give current data while the IRCTC new registration or IRCTC enrollment ongoing account opening process. This may help you in the upcoming days when you will forget the IRCTC code or the essential login data.


Here we are presenting some very simple steps you can follow to build a new account on IRCTC’s official website or application.

 There are 11 very simple and user-friendly steps to create a new account on IRCTC:

  • Step 1: At first Visit our authorized website of IRCTC, which is
  • Step 2: Then, you will have to create a new account on IRCTC registration by giving all the compelled information they want.
  • Step 3: Now click on the IRCTC ‘Sign Up’ link on the ‘Login’ selection.
  • Step 4: Then You will be changed course directly to the IRCTC registration form.
  • Step 5: Now fill up the registration form accordingly. Enter the username. The username should be between 3 to 35 characters there you will have to enter the name you want to use for IRCTC.
  • Step 6: Then, you will have to select the security question and its answer. there you will have to answer some questions they ask for
  • Step 7: Now you will have to enter some personal information they require
  1. Enter your name- enter your full name
  2. gender- select your gender
  3. Marital status- either you are married or single or else. Choose the correct one
  4. occupation- what you do by profession
  5. date of birth- enter your don as date/month/year
  • Step 8: Now very carefully fill-up the proper email ID that you use and
  • Step 9: Enter the mobile number that you use because it will be your login password for IRCTC account.
  • Step 10: Now, you will have to enter your full residential address, including the valid pin code.
  • Step 11: Now enter the text or captcha from the giving picture and then check all the information you have provided are right or not. If not or missed something, fill it up and then click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Step 12: Now the final stage, where, they will verify the above account you made by entering the code that is mailed or sent to your registered mobile number you have entered or the email ID. Enter the code and finally Click on ‘Submit’ button

And now you are registered with IRCTC

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Now you have a current IRCTC Account. So You have generated a new IRCTC account with only our IRCTC Registration process. Directly you can utilize your account circumstances to reserve IRCTC Tickets online or abolish IRCTC Tickets. Furthermore, you can search for the IRCTC Train list and also you can check PNR status. We have spoken about IRCTC New Account Login, IRCTC Online ticket Booking and more. If you want any assistance, follow the steps given, you will get your proper solution.

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