Need of Backlinks To Your Site

In the business world, profitability dictates most of the business decisions and the focus is always on maximizing company’s resources at minimum costs possible. Internet offers a great opportunity in this regard by opening up a whole new path of reaching consumers at a relatively low cost. Using the tools provided by technology, such as creation of backlinks, business could leap into larger markets and attract customers from different corners of the world with a single online ad.


But generating these leads is not as easy as it seems because it takes a lot of time and skill to implement effective changes to your business site and see what works and what does not. Creating backlinks is one of the most effective ways to ensure attracting online traffic towards our site but let’s first get to know what exactly ‘backlinks’ are.


These are special connections between two pages or websites which link eackother through some tags or keywords. To define it more simply, take the example of a single website: When you create a website, you design it in a way that every page is linked to the “Home” page. This means there is some sort of ‘internal linking’ between every page on your website with the “Home” page of that site. If you extrapolate this example to the World Wide Web where two pages from different website are connected through some keywords or tags, it would be called backlinking. The name signifies “pointing back” of one page to the other or intended page which creating those backlinks.

According to an approximate account, backlinking is given 80% weightage by the search engines algorithms while ranking any page. This single fact is enough to convince any website owner to create as many backlinks to their site as possible to increase their page ranking.   For more reasons why we need backlinks for our sites, read below.

Reasons Why We Need Backlinks

  • Backlinks are the backbone of SEO
  • It is essential in order to assess the popularity of a page
  • Search engine use backlinks as one of the major considerations in their page ranking algorithms

Some Useful Tips for Backlinking

  • Try to get good quality content for which you want to create backlinks so that the visitor trusts your site in the future
  • These are free of charge so do not try to charge other sites wrongfully
  • Keep building your backlinks at a slow pace otherwise the search engine spiders might detect some manipulation on your part and thus ban your site/page indefinitely
  • Find out which sites have backlinks to your competitor sites and assess whether you could create a your backlinks as well
  • Make sure your backlinks are mentioned properly, without spelling or syntax mistakes and in case you do find some, immediately contact the site owner to correct it
  • Create your company’s profile page on every social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. to increase connectivity
  • Google gives better ranking to pages with backlinks to .edu and .gov pages so try to get as many of these.
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