What would you do if you discover that the video you want to share with your bestie won’t be supported by her media player? That’s sad but when you want to share, you have to think about something. Now, if you ask the experts, they will usually suggest for conversion. The best solution is to convert your video into another format which will be compatible with your friend’s media player. If you are looking for suggestions on which converter program to go for your Mac, Movavi Video Converter for Mac will be your one-stop tool.

So, what’s so great about the Movavi program? Well, here is a brief review on Movavi Video Converter for Mac.

To start with, Movavi Video Converter for Mac is a state of the art video converter program. The software is able to convert all kinds of videos way faster compared to other regular converter programs in the market. In fact, the Movavi software is backed by high-end SuperSpeed technology that makes it work around 80x faster compared to other converter programs around.

Then, the Mac video converter by Movavi assures no loss of quality during video conversion. Even if you are using the converter for HD or Ultra HD video, you will be able to enjoy the converted video with optimum display. No wonder, the Movavi software has earned rave reviews from both experts and users.

Besides, Movavi Video Converter for Mac is able to convert audio and image files too, along with the videos. It’s to stress here, the Movavi software is compatible with all kinds of media files and supports all popular formats. Thus, whether you want to convert your file into MP4 or MOV or MP3- Movavi Video Converter supports all these formats and more.

Then, Movavi Video Converter for Mac is not just for conversion. It is able to perform some basic editing functions too. For example, you can crop out unwanted clips from your video if you want. Then, you can modify audio levels, stabilize shaky video clips, add watermarks and much more.

Features of Movavi Video Converter for Mac

  • Lightning-fast conversion speed that helps to convert videos, image and audio files in a jiffy
  • Supports more than 180 file formats and over 200 mobile presets
  • Converts with no loss of quality
  • Extremely simple to operate with a friendly user interface
  • Able to modify or edit videos
  • Able to modify audio levels

Useful tip for users:

If you are converting the video for your mobile phone, you will need to shrink the size of your video as mobile phones come with restricted storage space. Movavi Video Converter for Mac is able to shrink videos to make space for other important stuff in your phone.

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