Mobile RAT attack makes Android the ultimate spy tool

Android is now the no.1 mobile operating system. The Android based devices are unique in the features. The Android has covered a large area of the mobile and tablet customers. According to Google there is yearly growth of 250 to 300 percent per year. Almost 8,50,000 Android devices are activated daily. Due to the tremendous growth the Android is on the top of the hit list of the hackers.

Mobile RAT attack makes Android the ultimate spy tool

Nowadays the devices like mobiles or tablets are not only the devices, they are like the digital attachment to your daily life. They are your representative and your technology related approach reflects from your devices.  But what if some naught mate become able to hack your device???? Well, we can’t even estimate the loss from which we have to suffer if something like this happens. When we think about the hacking of the Android mobiles then the first thing comes in our mind is that no one can hack the Android as it is by the Search Giant Google.

Well, this type of thinking is good, because we all know the power of the Google. But we must also not forget that there are techie persons as well who can do anything. If your Android device gets hacked then your favorite device will work like a spy cam who will record all of your daily information and then will send it secretly to the hacker. Your device will start working as hidden cam who will record your videos, it will work as microphone which will work as tapper to tap your private calls. Well, we can’t really imagine that what else can happen.

According to the George Curtz of the Crowd Strike, it is possible. According to him, if you are newbie then Mobile Remote Access Tool (RAT) can convert your favorite Android device to an ultimate spy tool.

How can This Work?

The method involves the hacker or you can say attacker to send a simple SMS to you. He/She can send SMS cleverly. The SMS may be send as an attractive fake offer of something else that will make you to follow the message. The message will contain some link and in the SMS you must be made to click on that link somehow. The attacker may achieve this target by sending you an attractive offer and by asking you to click on some link to reveal the offer.

The moment you will click the link, you will be pointed to some website from where Chinese Remote Access Tool (RAT) will get automatically downloaded and installed as well. You will not be able to detect it at all as the whole process will take place hidden. After that moment the GPS tracking of your device will start. The attacker will be able to detect your location anywhere anytime he/she wants. When ever we will make calls the microphone will get activated automatically and it will start recording your person calls. All the recorded calls or messages can be easily accessed by the attacker.

The team of CrowdStrike tested a demo regarding this. They used the Chinese Remote Access Tool (RAT) for the demo purpose. The demo was done on the Android 2.2 (Froyo) versions which is installed on 28 percent of the Android devices and on the Android 2.3 which also covers the 56 percent of the Android devices. The results of the demo test were same as expected and explained in this post.  According to the CNET, in order to fix this attack you need to upgrade the firmware.

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