MineCraft-a game for Android

About the Game

MineCraft is really fabulous game created by Markus Persson and by his company Mojang. The game is written in Java environment.  It is a sandbox video game in which main theme of the game moves around mining into the ground to find various metals, ores and materials, Crafting and melting the materials and structuring all sorts of fantastic buildings and structures.  In dark areas or during night,  you need to light these dark  areas because enemies called mobs come out at night and spawn come out  in dark areas, so you’ll need to keep yourself armed with bows, arrows, and swords along with armor and torches. If you play game you feel like a virtual Lego world with aspects of Doodle God.

minecraft for andriod

Modes of Game

The Game follows three modes, which is as follows:

  • Survival Mode
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Creative Mode

The player moves across the terrain having various land part. The whole game follows 24-hour cycle; Player encounters various mobs throughout the way. During the daytime, Player hunts non-hostile animal spawn for food and crafting materials. During the night or in dark areas, Hostile monsters will spawn.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode is the very first mode in the game, in this mode player has to maintain its Health bar as well as its Hunger bar. It’s a very struggling mode in the game. In this mode, Player can collect all resources and structure buildings as well as can discover lands. During the whole procedure, Player have to maintain its health bar because health bar depletes on falling into lava or due to any environmental damage also it depletes by attacks from monsters. Hunger bar can be refilled by periodically eating foods, breads and other eating materials.

Armor is used to kill mob and weapons is used to kill enemies and other dangerous animals. Player health refills when it has full hunger bar as well as it handles difficulties easily with any damage. The player can obtain different resources and craft tools, weapons, armor, food, and various other items to make more effective items.

Creative Mode

As the name suggest, you have to show your creativity in this mode by employing boundless resources through inventory menu. In this mode, player does not take any environmental damage or mob damage also player is not affected by hunger and can fly freely everywhere in the game world. All creatures in the game will still spawn but they will not harm the player.

At last, a “primary win condition” is another criterion for getting an end. This is achieved by reaching an alternate dimension known as “The End” and beating the deadly “Enderdragon” that flies around the map.

Version and Platform of the game

On May 17, 2009 an alpha version released and On December 20, 2010 a beta version has been released. iOS and Android is the major platform for this game. Before release for Android market, initially Android release was exclusively for Xperia Play. A version for Xbox 360 with Kinect support will be released soon, which is under development by 4J Studios.

Hope!!! The above information will help you to better understand the game….Share your experience after playing this game as a comment. Happy Readings.

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