Marketing Tips for eBay-How to Boost Your Sales

In today’s sluggish economy, many of us are looking to make a little extra money, and selling on eBay is a fun way to do just that. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an eBay veteran, you can use these tips to increase your sales and your bank balance.

Marketing Tips for eBay

Timing is Key

Many eBay sellers don’t put much thought into when they post their listings, but this should be one of your first considerations. If you’re selling in an auction format, you want bidding to end either during the evening or on the weekend. Many people add items they like to their watch list, and bid at the last minute— so it’s essential that you catch people at the right time. The majority of people work during the daytime, so they’re far less likely to be online if your auction ends between 9 and 5. List in the evenings or on the weekend, or use a paid tool like Auctiva where you aren’t charged for timed listings.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The old adage is still true, especially on eBay. Take at least two photos of each item you list; if it’s clothing, take several photos from varying angles (because potential buyers can’t try it on). If cost is a concern when loading pictures, try signing up for an account on Photobucket or another similar site, upload your photos, and copy the link code. From there, go back to your listing, click the HTML tab, and paste the code. Your additional pictures will show up, and they’ll be completely free of charge.

It’s All in the Details

To increase sales and buyer confidence, provide an in-depth description of each item. Most buyers don’t want to go through the hassle of asking questions on items with scant descriptions; the more detail you offer, the more your sales will increase. Try using adjectives such as “adorable”, “chic”, “soft” and “cuddly”, because they entice buyers to choose your item.

Let the People Decide

These days, more and more people are using the “Best Offer” and “Buy it Now” options, and considering the shape the economy’s in, this trend isn’t likely to end any time soon. People prefer to have a set price, rather than gamble, and having a choice between making an offer and paying a set price increases their confidence. With the “Buy it Now” method, timing isn’t as important, because the competitive factor is eliminated.

Offer Shipping Discounts (and Package Your Items Carefully)

If you’re a high-volume seller, or if someone buys more than one item from you, offer discounted shipping. People will be more likely to buy, and buy big, if they think they can save some money on shipping and delivery. For international orders, simply add a phrase like “Please contact me for an international shipping quote” to your item description. For fragile items, wrap the item in newspaper, then line cardboard boxes with Styrofoam peanuts, add the item, and continue filling the box with packing materials. Careful packaging will ensure that your item makes it to the buyer intact.

Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee

Offering a good return policy is another way to increase buyer confidence and sales. The average seller offers a 14-day return policy, where the buyer pays the return shipping.

The tips we’ve just given you should both increase your sales and your buyers’ confidence and trust. As with any other sales job, with eBay selling, customer service is very important. Provide accurate, detailed descriptions, careful packaging, and fair prices, and answer customer emails promptly. Doing this will help you earn great feedback and repeat business.

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