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So, you are having a great time blogging and there are good reasons to feel great. The number of subscriber of your blog is increasing like never before and the volume of traffic to your blog is showing healthy signs. So, you might wonder why on earth you have to care about the legal complexities. Valid question as it might seem but the fact is that you are not above the rules and regulations that are made to monitor the web. So, sometimes, even when you are at your best intension, find yourself concerned or guilty of some cyber crime that lead to complex legal issues. So, it is imperative for every blogger to remain aware of the issues that may create serious trouble for your blogging career. Lets find out:

copyright theft
copyright theft

Defamation: This is probably one of the most common issues that can be snowballed into major crisis if you take the issue too lightly. I have personally come across some bloggers who are very much accustomed to use colloquial languages that sometimes goes to the point of being rude. Now, you need to make sure that you are not using any kind of foul language no matter what in your as this can be used against you. Never ever, try to attack anyone personally. Use only fact and do not try to go imaginative when you are writing on a contentious issue as this can easily be used against you later. You might be charged with defamation and its consequence can be huge and devastating for your personal and professional life. So, no need to court controversy, we have enough of them. Try to make your blog unique, informative and useful to the users. That is all I can advice you.
Intellectual property: This another common practice among bloggers, especially among budding bloggers to use images and others things that fall under copyright law, in their blogs just to spice up the look and feel of their blog. Its a ludicrous practice and if you are still into it, you need to debar yourself from such nonsense things at the earliest. Using copyright materials without taking prior permission can lead to serious trouble that you definitely wish to avoid at any cost. There are some bloggers who happen to believe that everything available on web is free to use, but this is not the case. So, next time, you are tempted to use an image in your blog, you have to be double sure that the thing is not copyright protected and make sure you are giving the credit to the creator by adding a link back to the original page. Try this thing and it will save your skin in myriads of ways.
Confidentiality: While posting articles, you need to make it a point that you are infringing on the privacy of others in one way or the others. But this is a tough job. I remember a person who received pink slip for disclosing company secrets in social media sites. However, if you think that you are the smarter guy and you cannot do such nonsense, you are completely mistaken. Can you confirm that you have never posted anything that is not faintly related to your official work? You cannot be sure right. This is another common case that can send you behind the bars. Do not post anything that may irate your boss rather you should try other methods to vent your anger and frustration.

How to Avoid:

Avoiding the aforementioned legal issues is fairly easy:

Just make it habit to send a mail to get confirmation whenever you are about to post something about a business organization. Just send then a preview version of the copy and ask them to review it and send you a mail if they need any changes in it. A small task but can help you immensely.

If you find that you have posted something against someone and a lawsuit is waiting in the fold, you should make a public in advance and if possible make certain amendments in the post to make things easier

Try these techniques and you would not have to bother much about legal complexities.

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