Smartphone is a combination of Mobile phone, Gaming Pad and a personal computer. All the features and functions of these electronic gadgets are present in a small package known as Smartphone. A few decades ago people used Personal digital assistants to send text messages. Furthermore the population used the Cell phones to have a voice conversation with the others.

With advancement and development in the technology both cell phones and PDAs contributed a large quantum in the birth of Smartphone. These phones offer a comprehensive internet experience you can browse, surf, download, connect and navigate.

Intel Smartphone

 Some of the Highlights of the Smartphone are:-

1.      Applications

The Smartphone has many applications and software installed on them. You can read any text file, pdf file, open any format photo and can even edit them, listen music and can do video streaming.

2.      Internet

Owning a Smartphone will make you completely forget your laptop. It will give you a high speed of 3G and 4G networks.

3.      Dual Format

Most Smartphone comes with touch screen keypad while many come in keyboard format. So you can buy according to your usage and liking.

4.      Camera

You can capture high definition and resolution pictures and make them unforgettable moments of your life.

Operating System and Processor

A number of brands are available in the market that provides Smartphone under their name. Motorola, Samsung, Intel and Google are some of the world renowned names who have launched this hi-tech machine on the earth. Intel long known to mankind for its contribution in the Information Technology sector developed Intel AZ210 Smartphone with the Intel Atom Processor. The operating system used is the 2.3 version of Android known as Gingerbread which can be promoted to 4.0 version known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

This Smartphone is marketed by the name of XOLO X900 in India launching date of 22 April 2012, by the name of Megafon Mint in Russia launching date of 22 August 2012 and Orange San Diego in the United Kingdom launching date 6 June 2012. It is the first Intel Atom Processor phone in Europe and India. The processor is a solitary or single core CPU and the HT is 1.6 GHz.

Features and Characteristics


This Smartphone has 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. Certainly you will not feel the need of external memory slot if so much internal built-in space is provided. You need to have Root access to operate it.


Its 4.03 inch display named TFT LCD is covered by Gorilla Glass. The display supports around 16 million colors with a resolution of 1024*600.


Dual speakers of 0.3 watt output each are installed and microphones with Ambient Noise Cancellation feature are provided with this Smartphone.


This is one of the prominent features and can be the reason for buying this phone. It has back camera of 8 MP with LED flash. This camera is capable of 8x Zoom and can be set on the auto and manual focus. It can record HD videos of 1080p while the front camera for video calling can record 720p. Various modes such as night, portrait, landscape, Sports, auto is available in the camera.

Media Support

This Smartphone has Android Video player which supports VP8, WMC, MPEG4 video codecs and MIDI, WAV, 3GPP, MP3 audio codecs. It can play at 30 fps full HD 1080p and comes with an inbuilt document reader on which you can read various types of files.

With so many advanced and sophisticated features installed in the Intel Smartphone makes Intel’s own Smartphone, YOLO as a “Small Power Box” capable of boosting your normal life to a “Smart Customized” version. These phones have become an indispensable part of life.

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