Industrial Printing Processes-Factors to Consider for Your Business

Printing is something that many business owners overlook when just starting out. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal until you have to actually print something. It’s then that you realize how vital the right kind of printer is for the job you’re doing. The importance of the printer itself varies and if you’re selling a perishable product that requires an expiration date or you need to print on different types of plastic then the printer matters a great deal. That said, there are factors to consider for your business when it comes to industrial printing.

Printing Process

  1. Product – What type of product will you be selling that requires printing? Is it a perishable product or something that merely requires labeling so people know what it is? Does the outside box just need a label or do the products inside need one also? You will most likely require different types of printers if you’re wholesaling something like bread, for instance. The cardboard box will need labeling but the plastic that the bread is contained in will need it as well requiring a different printer and method.
  1. Food grade – One of the most interesting types of industrial printing is something called ‘food grade’. You’ve no doubt noticed the small lettering on things like eggs. Those little letters are placed there by an industrial printer only the ink used has to meet strict requirements to be considered ‘food grade’ meaning that it’s safe for consumption and non-toxic.
  1. Material – Printing on plastic and printing on foil require different types of printers and inks to be effective. For plastic, there needs to be a thermal transfer over printing that will allow for long-lasting prints. However, for a different material, like foil, a smaller printer should be utilized that will print delicately and in small but highly legible print.

The bottom line is that the printer you use and the type of ink matters a great deal when it comes to industrialization. There are several things to consider and weigh before going with this product or that one, the most important being food grade. But other types of printing can be just as significant because with the wrong printing, your products can be lost in shipping (inappropriate or illegible bar coding), recalled because of improper food grade ink usage, or just generally illegible (using the wrong ink on the wrong material). All of these issues amount to both time and money loss which is ultimately avoidable as long as you do your research and choose the correct industrial printer and ink.

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