There is nothing more important as an online businessman than your relationship with your customers order to maintain this relationship in a constantly changing online marketplace, your business must definitely keep up with the technical upgrades that are consistently occurring throughout the online landscape.


There is, however, another aspect to improving the customer experience. Your customers first must feel emotionally attached to your business as a brand in order to make purchases from you. They must also feel as though their financial information is completely safe when they trust you to do business. These two aspects of business are actually not in the hands of the small business owner directly. They are in the hands of the merchant service with whom the business owner chooses to create a partnership.

The customer, however, does not know the name of the merchant services company or the shopping cart company that runs in the background during the sales process. If there is a mistake made by that third-party company, it will naturally attribute to website that is on the front page. This means that you can actually lose business because of the mistakes of another company. As such, you should take great pains in deciding which of these companies will actually serve as your shopping cart.

Reputable shopping cart companies such as 1ShoppingCart that have been around for years certainly deserve a thorough look when you are vetting for the company that you would use as your sales administrator. These companies will have enticing storefronts along with the proper technical algorithms in place that will ensure the safety of the financial and personal information of the people that use it. This is especially important in the wake of recent announcements by Microsoft that they will no longer provide support for their order Windows operating systems. Because many of the shopping carts that are in business today use those older operating systems, hackers now have much more opportunity than they did in the past to steal vital financial information from the customers who use those platforms. Do not get caught in the crossfire of this announcement – entrust your shopping cart to a service provider that knows enough to immediately upgrade themselves and inform you and your customer base about it.

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