A British explorer has made the first video call from the summit of Mount Everest ,using a HTC One handset. Daniel Hughes took his device on the challenge with him and has also managed to tweet and share YouTube videos while undertaking his quest.


It might well be enough to persuade those who are browsing EE mobile phone deals to take a closer look at the specifications of the device for themselves as it should be able to hand the level of wear and tear they put it through in their daily lives with relative ease! Particularly if the only journey you’re looking to complete is a rainy commute to work and back.

The makers of the Android-handset chose to sponsor Hughes in his efforts to try and raise £1 million for Comic Relief. They will doubtless be pleased that their hardware has been able to continue functioning is such extreme conditions and that the video call conducted with the BBC was of a relatively good quality.

In his chat with the Beeb he said: “I had to share this not only because the HTC One is the phone I use, but just imagine what will be available in the future. I don’t have a cameraman with me – it’s me and a pole and an HTC smart phone and an Inmarsat modem.”

He explained that due to the cold weather conditions it would be dangerous for him to use his hands to operate the touchscreen, instead he made use of a stylus.

If you’re looking at choosing one of the available 4g data bundles in order to make video calls and recordings, as well as taking photos of your own then the HTC One might be the right choice. It boasts 1080p Full high-definition video recording, a 4.7-inch screen, an UltraPixel main camera and 2.1-megapixel front facing camera. There is even image stabilisation so getting a clear picture should prove a little easier.

It also offers 500 hours standby time and talktime of as much as 11 hours so you should find you can keep chatting for a good while between needing to charge up.

HTC itself was naturally delighted with the feat and the firm’s UK spokesperson Suzi Watson stated that trying to help him to speak to people at home from that location was “the ultimate test in extreme conditions”.

She added: “We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of design and innovation.”

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