Smartphones have improved in quality so much that even older smartphones can still perform admirably. As smartphone operating systems improve, they become more efficient, so even devices that are more than two years old can sometimes perform well. However, it is always wise to inspect the quality of a smartphone before purchasing it; here are a few tips.

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Check the Screen

In many ways, the screen is the most important part of a smartphone, and a cracked screen can render a smartphone nearly useless. Inspect the screen for small cracks, and look for tiny chips that occur along the edges. Even the smallest of cracks can represent weak points that can easily turn into larger cracks over time. It is also important to check the touchscreen to ensure that all parts of the screen register touches correctly. Download a game and play it for a few minutes to ensure that the screen works well.

Does it Make Calls?

Even though modern smartphones can do much more than older mobile phones, their primary purpose is to place phone calls. Try placing a phone call to a friend, and try to stay on the line for at least a few minutes. In addition, see what type of network the phone is connected to; if the phone is supposed to offer LTE capabilities but is only showing 2G or EDGE speed, the radio might not be working correctly. If you have time, try to download large files. If the file fails to download, the phone might be disconnecting from data connections.

Charging Plug

One of the most common problems on smartphones is worn out or broken charging plugs. Before purchasing any phone, ensure that it charges correctly, and see if the charging is interrupted at any point. Unfortunately, many sellers will place a phone for sale even if they know that the charger is going bad. Confirm with them that you can get a refund if problems occur.

Replaceable Battery?

Fortunately, replacement batteries are fairly cheap, so phones that offer access to the battery are safer purchases than those that do not. If the battery is not replaceable, you may want to give the phone a brief stress test to see how quickly the battery drains. Unfortunately, there is rarely enough time to test a battery fully before purchasing a phone. For this reason, it may be wise to look for used smartphones that come with a refund policy in case battery performance is especially bad.

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