How To Open and Switch Any Webpage From Firefox To Chrome (And Vice Versa) Quickly

At the first glance, this does look like a really stupid question to ask. After all, it is, indeed, quite easy. You just need to copy the address of the link in the Firefox window, open a Google Chrome tab and paste it in the Omnibox. It really does do the trick, but is quite counterproductive indeed. It is especially counterproductive when you consider quite a few number of pages that you need to switch from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. There are many of us who work with both Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome. Moreover, there are definitely times when such users come across applications that work better in Google Chrome than Mozilla Firefox. In fact, there are even web pages that load better and quicker in Google Chrome. Moreover, many users of Mozilla Firefox, who have shifted to Google Chrome, are willing to testify to the fact that Google Chrome is a much faster and easier to use web browser. Google Chrome also tackles multiple tabs much better than Mozilla Firefox does. Now, to address the issue of switching faster between Firefox and Chrome, Mozilla Firefox has introduced a fair number of add-ons that will help you out easily.

  1. Chrome View. This is an add-on provided by Mozilla Firefox that automatically detects the path of the Chrome browser in your machine after its installation. You can operate it manually operate the add-on as well. All you need to do is go to the Options, insert the path and then check it out. Chrome View is also extremely helpful because it will give you the option of opening the current tab in Google Chrome directly, by a simple right click on the webpage. However, this will only help you to open each page individually in Google Chrome. You will need to close the identical tabs in Mozilla Firefox, because it can become sluggish.
  2. Open With. This is also a very popular add-on, for the sheer benefit of their utility – the requirement of switching between two browsers. Open With add-on is the simplest yet the best solution for those who have the need to open and examine a webpage between two browsers. This add-on offers you the ability to open any webpage that is already open in Mozilla Firefox in any browser of your choice, and not just Google Chrome. However, you will need to have these browsers installed in your computer; otherwise, it will be impossible to open them.
  3. Open in Chrome. This has been voted to be the best way to switch web pages from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. Open in Chrome takes as many web pages from Mozilla Firefox as you instruct it to and migrates it to Google Chrome. Naturally, this seemed like the best add-on to switch multiple web pages open in Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. Moreover, this way the sluggish behavior of Mozilla Firefox that happens when to many tabs are open is eased out and the browser is reinvigorated once more, once the load is taken off.

Switching from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox, however, is not availed through any extension provided by the former. The simplest and the only method to do this seems to drag the address of the link from the Omnibox of Google Chrome to that of Mozilla Firefox.

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