How to make your blog mobile friendly- know the secrets

Optimizing the blog for mobiles can serves as one of the best moves that you can take in order to make your blog successful and reader friendly. Although this means that you will have to spend some efforts and time to do the tasks like installing the plugins and others, the end result will be amazing.


Look out for the options

Through creating the site which is mobile friendly can be a bit tiring, there are various things which you can do for your site which will help make it successful on the mobile devices. The successful blogs are the ones that are unique and featured with interesting content which is easy to see on computers as well as on your mobile devices.

Mobile domains matters a lot

First of all, you need to actually make the mobile blog. Let the audiences know that you have kept their interests in mind and so by creating the URL mainly for mobile devices, you will attract the audiences in no time. Consider the mobile version as the light version of your blog and choose the URL accordingly. In order to make up the mobile domain, you need to add sub domain to the actual blog or site.

Centering the content is important too

Then, you need to center the content of your blog to make it mobile friendly. You need to consider the usability and size. Surely, the screen on the mobile will be smaller than that of desktops or laptops. So, keeping this is view, you need to make the content easily readable on the small display screen of your mobile. Through centering the content on all pages, you will be able to reduce the irritation of scrolling the pages every now and then while viewing the pages on the mobile devices. You can also use expert Article Submission Service to make the content centered and mobile friendly for the readers.

Keep homepage simple and clean

After that, keeping the mobile homepage clean and perfect is another point to remember. The most crucial information like the popular topics and the latest posts should be on top of homepage and should be easy to read with dark colored fonts.

Keep images to the minimum

Images seem to cause hassles with the blog design be it on the traditional platform or on mobiles. While images are amazing addition to the traditional blogs, they may cause issues in the mobile setting. The large images generally look messy on the mobile devices. They are generally too large to be seen along with the text. Also, the images can increase total amount of time that they take to load on the mobile devices. So, it is a great idea to cut back some images so as to make the blog more mobile and user friendly.


Give due consideration to page size

Further, the page size for mobile devices is generally 20KB. So, through keeping the pages under that limit, you can ensure that the blog on your mobile loads fast. While a lot of people have unlimited data schemes, those who do not have, will not be able to appreciate this.

Back buttons for easy navigation

It is also important to remember that not all phones are featured with the back buttons and so it becomes difficult to easily navigate the mobile blogs with multiple pages. So, what you can do is to make things simple is to add the back buttons to all pages. More so, try linking every page on the blog to other pages. The simpler it is to navigate the mobile blog, the more time the users will spend on it and so, the more satisfied they will be. In order to make your blog Mobile Friendly, you can also take some WordPress Blog Setup Service and ask them to make your blog mobile friendly They will do it for you without much trouble.

So, when you need to make that perfect mobile friendly blog, use these tips and have a successful, easy to navigate and useful blog.

Summary: There are various tips and advice that you can use to make the blog mobile friendly. Use them and enjoy a great blog.

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