Whether you are a business person or a hiring manager for your company, you must know that to have a successful web or mobile application, you need to hire top developers who are well versed in various critical and advanced applications such as AngularJS.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a front end framework used for web development with multiple features that helps in running various web applications efficiently.

Through the help of AngularJS, a developer can build a dynamic one-page application proficiently.

However, being an HR, with not much technical knowledge on web development, you must be well prepared on the required skills you should look for in an AngularJS, and most importantly, the fundamental questions that you need to ask during the interview.

Skills to look for:-


The first thing you should look for in angularjs developers is the sound knowledge of the subject.

Apart from having thorough theoretical knowledge on the subject, the developer must possess excellent practical knowledge and hands-on experience as well.

You can also ask the person for an on-site demo on some basic programming tasks to test their knowledge. You may also ask the person to remove a bug while writing the code.

You should also ask the person to explain further on the following aspects:-

The Node Package Manager (npm)

The Node Package is a must for all web developers and AngularJS developers. This is one primary tool for installing various web development packages quickly.

AngularJS is spread through several npm packages, and therefore all AngularJS developers must have sound knowledge on the application and installation of the tool efficiently.


Angular frameworks don’t eradicate the want for a thorough understanding of the most crucial web development aspects.

Angular offers the building blocks the developer needs to construct fast, useful apps with proper user interfaces utilizing HTML and CSS.

Developer should know the trick to quickly deliver the required apps and when knowledge of HTML and CSS can come in handy. Being the HR, you may ask for a demo based on HTML and CSS application with a short evaluating project.


Well, futile to say, you cannot hire a developer without a complete understanding and expertise on the Angular framework. Although Angular itself is a vast area, in particular, the developer must know all ins and outs of the concept.

The developer should know the aspects of modules, forms, components, and various services to work with them to build an application filled with features and practicality.


Client-side web apps have conventionally been written with the help of JavaScript. But TypeScript is a superset of a similar application like JavaScript that consists of provision for stable typing. Angular is inscribed in TypeScript for enhanced features.

The most important reason to apply TypeScript is its ability to refactor code and aid in having less or reduced bugs.

TypeScript also allows the developer with an option to apply the further change on the app according to the client’s needs and preferences.


RxJS is an archive for responsive programming with apparent streams. It exists free of Angular but is propelled with the structure and used for various everyday chores, for example, making HTTP applications for data.

Angular makes use of various applications of RxJS to afford a reliable and steady API for the execution of asynchronous tasks.


Well, not just theoretical or practical knowledge will suffice, but having thorough hands-on experience on the various aspects of HTML coding and JavaScript is equally essential for an AngularJS developer you are looking to hire.

You have to go through their portfolio and previous works to understand their experience in handling critical projects. A good AngularJS developer must show these following experiences: –

  • Experience on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Understanding of application code and various unit test in AngularJS
  • Firm knowledge with RESTful facilities
  • Knowledge of up-to-date JavaScript and other MV-VM/MVC frameworks.


Responsiveness to a specific task is critical to hire wordpress developer or AngularJS developer because the developer has to manage a tremendous amount of pressure while working on the app development.

The developer has a guide through the client throughout the entire app development cycle for updating the required changes. They have to multitask at a particular time and keep on beta testing the app on numerous occasions before having it for a final go.

Therefore, being responsive is the need of the hour for every AngularJS developer, and being the HR, you have to ascertain you look for this quality during the hiring process.

Top 5 Interview Questions To Ask Before Hiring AngularJS Developers

Explain the elementary steps to unit test an AngularJS filter 

This question is suitable to gauge the developer’s familiarity with automated testing (BDD, TDD, E2E). This may also lead to further understanding of their ability and coding capability.

What is the extreme number of concurrent “watches”? And how to gauge that number?

This question is crucial for understanding the candidate’s knowledge about candidate debugs runtime issues and application performance.

How to share data among controllers?

This is another essential question to gauge the developer’s knowledge about creating an application based on AngularJS, testing of the application, and the other procedures of sharing data between the controllers, like events, $rootScope, nextSibling, and others.

Elucidate on a digest cycle in AngularJS?

This question will test the developer’s in-depth knowledge about the various available versions of modal values and their scope in developing an application.

Where to implement DOM manipulation within AngularJS?

This is a critical question and will put the developer’s understanding of the subject to the test.

If the developer holds sound knowledge, then they must know that the DOM Manipulations cannot be done in controllers; rather, they are done in the specified directives.

AngularJS, however, takes a declarative approach to DOM manipulation. Here, instead of worrying about all the step by step details regarding how to get to the desired outcome, we are just declaring what we want, and AngularJS takes care of the rest.


Overall, hiring the right AngularJS developer can always be a valuable addition to your organization or the web development unit. However, it may seem quite challenging at first.

But with the skills mentioned above and probable questions to ask, you can certainly pick the right person as per your need.

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