5 Good Tips to Market Your E-Book Effectively

You’ve written your e-book and now you want people to read it. How can you market your e-book effectively? Here are 5 good tips to market your e-book effectively:

1. Make sure your content is high quality and valuable

The first and most important attraction of your e-book must be your content. There is no point in buying e-book if you don’t want to read the content, right? That’s why you have to make sure that your e-book is high quality and valuable. At least, the money you offered for your e-book must be equivalent with the value you give for your buyers. If you want to give more value to your customers, it is better for you. You can do it by over-delivering or reduce your price.


However, here are some things that are required for your e-book:

  • The content must be unique, or it must offer new idea on an existing topic.
  • The way you talk your idea must be interesting.
  • Your e-book must be able to help people to solve their problem.
  • The price you offer for your e-book must be equal or lower than the value you offer for your buyers.
  • The information must be complete. Your customers must not be required to buy other e-books in order to apply the suggestion offered in your e-book.

If you follow those requirements, you will have a high quality and valuable e-book ready to become a bestseller.

2. Use graphics optimally

Graphic-rich e-book is more appealing than plain-text e-book. Also, graphic will help you to illustrate your point better. That’s why you have to use graphics optimally to make your e-book more interesting to read. It will help you to effectively explain your points to your readers.

E-book that has lots of appealing graphics will be perceived as more valuable for your customers. Design your e-book so that it is graphically appealing. Make sure that your customers can understand your explanation better by looking at those graphics. Also, you can customize your header and footer in your e-book with custom graphic, instead of plain text. The next important thing to do with graphic is your e-book cover. It must be appealing enough so that people will be more interested to read your e-book.

3. Write effective sales copy for your e-Book

Your sales copy will determine whether you will be able to sell your e-book or not. Writing effective sales copy is a must. You have to know about the mindset of your potential customers. What is their main problem? Why they want to buy your product? What makes them feel that they must buy your product? What are their possible objections? How can your e-book help them to live better?  You have to answer all those questions in your sales copy.

4. Market your e-book with content marketing

Since you are selling an e-book, which means that you are selling content, it is better for you to promote your e-book using content marketing method. It is okay for you to try other marketing methods. However, content marketing should be your first priority. Why you need to market your e-book with content marketing? That’s because with content marketing, you can communicate better about your e-book to your target audience.

5. Put your e-book on Kindle

If you want to market your e-book to a broader audience, make sure to publish Kindle edition of your e-book so that Kindle users can buy your e-book. Not only this will increase your e-book sales, it will also help you to build your credibility as an author.

Those are 5 tips that you should apply in order to market your e-book effectively.

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