Effective ways for SEO article writing

The SEO article writing is different from general article writing. The main goal of SEO articles is to attract traffic to the website and for that there are many things to maintain in the article. This is not something that any writer can do as SEO article writing requires knowledge of SEO with proper writing skills. The SEO articles have to be attractive, written with easy to understandable English and it got to have SEO elements to make sure that the purpose is fulfilled. Let’s see few of the most effective ways of SEO writing.

SEO article writing

  • Choosing keywords
  • Right placement of keywords
  • Write an accurate article
  • Use keywords in first and last paragraph

Choosing keywords

When searching for information online, users use specific keywords. Writing a SEO article is mostly about using the right keywords. If you are writing a SEO keyword then you must use a keyword that summarizes the subject of the article. You have to think what keyword you have used to search for the specific information you are writing about as that makes the job easy for you. For example, if you are writing about how to loose weight effectively with exercise then you may use keywords like “weight lose exercise” or “fast weight loss” because these are the most used search terms.

Right placement of keywords

The main target of the keywords is to generate traffic. If you want the article to help you get traffic then you must make sure that you use right amount of keyword in one article and place them correctly. Using too much keyword makers the article powerless as time and that is why you must always keep the keyword number under check. Try to break the article in paragraph and use one keyword per paragraph. That is most used method by the expert SEO writers. Also, you must try to keep the number of keywords 1% of the total number of words in the article. That way, it won’t be overcrowded with keywords and still do the work for you.

Write an accurate article

The most important aspect of a SEO article is its accuracy. You must not make the article too long as the search engines don’t like that at all. You have to keep the number of words limited within 300 to 700 words and focus on one specific topic. Make sure that you don’t repeat what you are saying and keep the subject interesting.

Use keywords in first and last paragraph

Using the keywords in the first and last paragraph of an article is important to not only attract the readers but making it search engine friendly too. The search engines prefer keywords which are mentioned at the first and last paragraph and rank them higher. This is one very helpful trick.

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