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Everyone is talking about cloud storage, and there are lots of industry experts stating how great it is. However, the reality is that there are some cons to cloud storage that should not be ignored, as some of them can be devastating. Check out this list of pros and cons before you decide on using the cloud, otherwise you may find yourself regretting it.


When it comes to price, cloud storage is perhaps the cheapest method around. Some services offer one GB of storage for less than a dollar, which is hard to find anywhere else. There are also metered systems where you are charged based on how much memory you are using, so you are only charged for your actual usage and not based on a plan.


Theoretically cloud storage is very secure. The cloud hosting businesses do not want to lose your files, because they then lose your business. Due to this, they have placed all the proper security protocols over their servers. However, this becomes a target for hackers because it is both a challenge and it is new. This doesn’t mean that hackers will get through, but it is still something to think about.

Memory Capacity

The memory capacity of cloud storage is typically very high because the memory is stored on huge servers. While it isn’t technically unlimited, these servers should be able to handle everything you throw at them without buckling.

Removing Files

Many cloud hosting companies do not want you to remove your files for several reasons. If you remove all your files, then you will no longer need cloud storage, and this can present a security problem when you are removing the files. However, if you want your files strictly on your computers, or if you want to switch cloud companies, this can become a real pain.

Collaboration Ease

Since anyone can access the cloud system if they have the proper username and password, this can make it much easier for collaboration. Instead of having to use servers and other hardware to share files, everyone can just access the cloud at any time.

Internet Access

This is both a pro and a con at once. If the Internet is readily available and easy to get, then cloud storage will be fast and easy. Not only that, but since the cloud is accessible via the Internet, any computer is capable of retrieving the files from the server.

If you are on a data plan with limited data, then constantly accessing the Internet for large files can become an issue. You may end up going over your bandwidth limit, which normally incurs charges.

Another problem occurs if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection. If you can’t get a good connection, then you can access the server and use your files.

Loss of Files

Perhaps the worst part of using a cloud hosting company is the chance that all of your files may be deleted. For example, if the company goes under or the servers crash, then all of your files may be lost forever. It might be true that you own server space, but the company owns the server. If they want to close the servers down for one reason or another, they are perfectly able to do this without repercussion.


Hosting your files in the cloud is generally a good and secure idea that can help you storage your many files. While there are some potential problems, they should not interfere with normal functioning. However, it is still a good idea to think of all the potential problems before you sign up for this type of service.

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