Best SEO practice for WordPress to boost traffic

WordPress is the best platform for any blogger to work on. Many surveys have concluded that WordPress has been on the top position & used by almost every 2nd blogger in the world. This may be due to the reason that WordPress is piled with crazy plugins for making a blog professional yet user friendly. What bloggers like is Traffic and what traffic like is Content with design. If you have great content, and (or) design, even then your blog might not get traffic. The main way to increase traffic for your blog is what professionals say SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. I will give you some tips below to make your blog Search Engine friendly.



Many bloggers either do not use keywords or overuse them. Use keywords only where it is relevant & necessary. You can make use of keywords in the title of your article, this is a big thing & Search engines prefer such blogs. Use Meta tags to add keywords for your blog. I would like to tell you that Google has announced that they do not crawl using keywords anymore, the technology is advance now and Google is on top of that list. But you should put keywords for other search engines. Make your meta contents unique & keep in mind that the words (snippets) are not repetitive. What you can do is sprinkle the keywords throughout your article.


Link Building

These days, link building is in fashion ;). You should recycle your old articles & link the in between new articles. This will not only help in SEO, but also force users to read more articles on your blog. I won’t explain it in details, just the ways in which you can build backlinks for your blog.

  • Guest Post- Do guest post on niche related blogs only. Guest post sends traffic and that’s what every site starves for.
  • Content- Write awesome articles & get in touch with other bloggers. They may post your blog links if they find your articles easy to understand & informative.
  • Comment- Just comment on every blog, as my blogger friend says.

Plugins are the soul of WordPress. Worpress is nothing without such great & crazy plugins for each & everything. Here is a list of best WordPress plugins for your blog.

  • All In One SEO Plugin
  • WordPress SEO By Yoast 

These two are fulfilled with every feature. You can use any one of them which you find easy to use. Just fill them as they say, and leave the rest on them.

  1. Some more tips

Here are some more tips that you can do to make your WordPress blog more SEO – Friendly.

  • HEADING TAG- Change the H2 tag to H1.
  • NO-FOLLOW everything- whether it’s RSS FEED or Tags.
  • PERMALINK- Optimize them; make them short & sweet.
  • IMAGES- Add ALT titles, ALT tags & keep the text-image ratio.

These were some of the tips that I found helpful for me & many of my fellow mates. If you’ve got some more effective tips & tricks or have some queries, do drop them in the comment box below.

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