Apps for Android; The emergence of Monitoring Apps

With over three hundred million users, Android has swept through the smartphone industry like wildfire. Now it can easily boast to be the most popular smartphone OS currently on the market. Alongside this, a new industry has emerged which specializes in making apps for android. There are apps for everything. From monitoring apps for android to games, this new industry makes everything. Android monitoring apps especially have become increasingly popular. Products like StealthGenie now have a huge market share. Let’s see why StealthGenie is so popular.

Apps for Androi

StealthGenie and Android

StealthGenie is an Android spy app designed on Android OS 2.1 till 4.0. This includes smartphones by the following companies:

  • Sony
  • HTC
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • Google

Call Recordings

StealthGenie allows you to record calls dialed and received by the target phone. The app uploads these calls to StealthGenie’s server from where you can download and listen to them.

SMS Messages

With StealthGenie you can view the content of both incoming and outgoing SMS messages of the target phone.

DATA Access

StealthGenie also allows you to access the data stored inside the phone. Giving you access to the video, pictures and music files stored in the phone.

Internet Monitoring

By giving you access to the phone’s web browser history, StealthGenie allows you to monitor the phone’s internet usage.

Google Talk

This app gives you the ability to view conversations conducted over Google Talk.

GEO Tracking

StealthGenie allows you to locate the target phone through its Geo Location feature.

Recording Feature

This Android spy app allows you to record the live surroundings of the target phone via an SMS command.


With a modest price ranging from 8 to 13 dollars a month, StealthGenie is the cheapest Android Spy App on the market. It also offers enticing packages for users looking for a long term package at discounted and feasible prices. Because of this StealthGenie is attractive to a wide range of people looking for monitoring apps for Android. The cost effective nature of StealthGenie and the numerous functions it offers has ensured its lead in the Android apps market.

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