Angry bird space available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, as well as the Mac

Angry Birds are back with the Alien Version. The much awaited Angry Birds Space is now available for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and android devices as well.

Angry Birds

The organization, which revealed the figure in its Tweets nourish Wednesday , just didn’t say how the discharge measures up with past name releases. However, according to reviews, Rovio’s last major Furious Wildlife launch, Furious Wildlife Rio, hit 10 million downloading in 10 days, more than three times as long.

The latest game was launched for various types, such as for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Operating system devices, as well as the Mac and PC. The organization just didn’t launch a Windows Phone edition, though it plans to, according to Rovio CEO Mikael Hed.

In angry bird space, it looks like severity on the birds is just a continuous value,” he says. “One of the elements which is important for orbital movement is that the further away you get the less that power is. In this situation, it looks like which is not real.”

As for how the reliability of the game’s technology measures up with the “terrestrial” edition of angry bird space, Allain says it’s not even near. Although the frequent activity requires some rights with technology (momentum is not preserved when the bright birds fall their egg, for example), the outer-space edition is off-the-charts ridiculous.

“In space,” he describes, “if this were real severity, the huge of the exoplanets would have to be so huge in order to get these types of orbits — surrounding dark-colored opening solidity. At least neutron celebrities.”

Of course, those departures from actuality are what creates the overall activity fun to perform. Allain says every activity that has elements developing immediately has its own regulations of technology.

The key features of Angry Birds Space are as follows:
~ 60 interstellar levels
~ Free updates

~ Zero-gravity space adventures
~ Trick shots using planets gravity
~ Latest superpowers
~ Beautifully detailed backgrounds

~ Hidden bonus levels

~ Brand new birds

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