Virtual games have sustained their fan base consistently for the last two decades, and with the advent of new technology, the virtual gaming worlds have changed and modified. Android smartphones support a huge number of games today which cater to varying tastes and engage players of varying age groups.

Perhaps a decade ago, one could say that gaming was a hobby reserved for teenagers and young adults, but today it is shared by people in their 50s and 60s. Some of the most popular games of the last 5 five years were Call of Duty, Temple Run, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Subway Surfer, PubG, FIFA, Asphalt, The Sims, and others.

Now if there is one thing that gamers of different age share in common, it is the gaming hacks. Every time a new game is launched, developers come up with a hack that does away with all the limitations that are imposed on the player by the game.

The purpose of these hacks is to allow the users to unleash their full potential at once and to enjoy what the game has to offer. Keeping the demand in mind, AndroidHackers have brought together multiple-game hacks which once installed can give the players leverage in multiple games at once. Once these are downloaded and installed by a gamer, their gaming horizon changes for the better.

There are several APK hacks to choose from and here are some of the hacking apps that are hosted by AndroidHackers:

  1. Game Guardian APK

This hacking app was developed and launched in 2016 and ever since it has been downloaded by users more than 76 million times. It works with almost all Android operating systems which makes it compatible with the devices of pretty much every Android user.

This game value changer app works in a particular way. The first thing it requires is root authorization and once it has been granted the same, it can overrun the security protocols of the game. This, in turn, grants administrative access to the game, whereby it can make various modifications in favor of the user. It makes all the necessary customization changes so that the user has access to all the tools in the game and much more.

The app has been operational for about three years now and it has proven its reliability; in all these years it has never been reported as spyware or a virus. However, one should be aware of the website they are downloading the app from. As long as it is a well-known and trusted website like the AndroidHackers, it is safe but the users must stay away from websites that claim to offer a modified version of the app or something as such. With trusted websites, there are community forums where the users can seek help if the app does not work as it is supposed to.

Using it for changing the gaming values, one can unlock an unlimited number of coins, tools, skin, lives, and many other features.

  1. SB Game Hacker

This is another one of the popular hacks that work for online as well as offline games. There are several hacks available for online games but most of them do not work for the offline ones. This hack solves the problem by catering to the needs of gamers who prefer offline ones. It covers a wide range of games such as 8 ball pool, hill climbing race, clash of clans, candy crush, clash royale, pokemon go, toy blast and so on.

With the hack installed, one would not have to be stuck on a level anymore. Gamers know how annoying it can be to repeat the same level again and again, and this hack would do away with the problem.

Not just this, but every game has some in-game currency which either has to be earned through one’s performance in the game or has to be bought with real money. The hack gives access to an unlimited amount of in-game resources which would also include the currency. thus ensures that the players have the best, unhindered experience.

Another unique feature of this app is the security it provides to the users worldwide. They are coded to provide the users with maximum protection and they perform the job efficiently. This app does not require to share any data with the game developers and as a consequence, the users’ devices are never detected and one does not have to worry about getting banned.

  1. Lucky Patcher APK

There are several reasons what make this app stand out among the rest, and its immense popularity is one of the primary reasons why it is featured by AndroidHackers. The app comes free of cost and brings a variety of benefits to it.

Here it is important to note one point: though it is called a hacking app, it goes not really “hack” the games, it only modifies them to provide an added advantage to the users. What is significant is that the modifications it makes are not illegal while hacking itself can be. Therefore, it is a completely legal way to dominate one’s, gaming opponent.

Another key feature of this app is that it blocks all ads. Everyone knows how annoying it can be when they are forced to sit through the ads in between the matches. With this app installed, that problems would be done away with. Besides, it can help with the license verification of other apps, and the best feature is perhaps that it grants access to paid apps for free.

The Lucky Patcher, therefore, can fiddle with practically all android apps present in the device, and modify them to benefit the users. Not only is it free but it does away with the need to pay the subscription fee for other apps like Netflix. Understandably, it is one of the most downloaded “hacking” apps features by AndroidHackers.

Some of the games that can be accessed through the app include Subway Surfers, Tiny Troops: Special Ops, Shadow Fight, Hungry Shark Evolution, and Injustice: Gods among us, so on.

Since the app attempts to take control of all other apps present in the device to alter their modifications for the user’s benefit, the system might end up detecting it as a virus or malware. Hence, the installation process can be a little tricky but once that is taken care of, the users can enjoy the benefits of the app. Another thing to remember is that the app should necessarily be downloaded from a trusted website such as the AndroidHackers so that the user does not end up with actual malware by mistake.

Some common hacks for the most popular Android games

Given that gamers now have a choice to opt for an app that would give them several leverages in the Android games, they must also be interested in the specific perks. One thing to note is that all the aforementioned apps have access to several games. Now the most common benefits that are accorded by all of these apps include:

Unlimited Coins

Every game has some currency that the players can use to purchase tools. The coins can either be earned through performance or they have to be bought. All the hacker apps ensure that the players have an unlimited supply of the in-game currency

Unlocks all tools and skins

Some games require the players to level up before they can purchase some tools or to use the currency they have to purchase. The tools can be guns or shields or jet shoes – they are game-specific. All the hacking apps unlock all these tools at once right at the beginning and one can be loaded when they enter the game. Besides, they unlock all clothing options and appearance customization. Therefore, the players can construct their avatar whichever way they like.

Enhanced Visibility

This one is particularly for battleground games. In games like CoD Mobile or PUBG, the players gain enhanced visibility where they can see through the walls or other barriers, and this helps them to locate the enemies and save their backs very easily.


With this feature unlocked, one cannot miss an aim. A blessing for battleground games, helps the players to take shots that cannot be missed and hence one is bound to score the maximum number of kills.


This feature helps the players to revive their character even after they have been shot down or caught, depending on the nature of the game.

Another important feature of all these hacks is that they can be operative in solo or multiplayer games. One never knows if their opponents are using hacks and therefore, it is best to ensure that they too are at part with their clever opponents. therefore ensures that the players can have the maximum advantage and the most satisfying gaming experience.

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