Apple’s Safari browser is a good, solid browser that comes standard with all Apple iPads.  Safari works well for many users, but doesn’t offer many advanced features.

Unfortunately, due to Apple’s restrictions, most alternative browsers actually add features to Safari’s base functionality, rather than fully replacing the Safari browser.  As a result, most Safari alternatives are at best the same speed as Safari and in some cases slower.

This means, that no matter which browsing option you choose, high speed Internet is essential for enjoying everything the Internet has to offer on your iPad.

Internet Browsers for Your iPad

In spite of the drawbacks, there are many alternative Internet browsers for your iPad that offer useful features that Safari does not.

Best Browsers for Syncing with Other Devices:

Google Chrome for iPad: The iPad version of Google’s popular desktop browser features full screen browsing and allows you to sync your iPad with your other devices that use Chrome.  With the Chrome iPad browser, you can sign in to your Google+ account, access your g-mail and many of the other Google Chrome applications you currently access on your desktop, while using the familiar Chrome interface.

Mercury Browser Pro for iPad: The Mercury Browser is available in a free and a Pro version.  The free version features themes, tabs, downloads, full screen browsing, file sharing, ad block, and gesture support.  The Pro version adds the ability to sync with Chrome and Firefox on your other devices. The Mercury browser has one of the most extensive feature lists and is one of the most flexible platforms, since you can sync with both Chrome and Firefox.

Best Browsers for Innovative Navigation and Features:

Dolphin Browser for iPad: The Dolphin browser for iPad features full screen browsing, one tap sharing, tabbed browsing, sync with other Dolphin installations, and extensive gesture support.  The Dolphin browser also offers a Webzine feature that can make any webpage behave like an app, complete with swipe gestures for navigation.  The Dolphin browser particularly shines in the area of gesture support and even offers custom gestures.

Yahoo Axis for iPad: Yahoo Axis offers a new take on search by displaying results on the search page, instead of links to individual pages.  Yahoo Axis also features native sharing to Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and enhanced navigation for tablet devices.  Yahoo Axis offers the most unique browsing alternative and can get you to your search results faster, by avoiding having to click on individual links to view the results.  It also allows you to pick up where you left off with search on your other devices, which means if you were searching on your iPad and had to switch to another device, you don’t have to start all over.

iCab Mobile: iCab offers full screen browsing, tabs, gesture support and support for multiple search engines.  It is also one of the few iPad browsers that gives you the ability to upload files, such as photos to Flickr or Facebook.

Atomic Browser for iPad: The Atomic Web browser features full screen browsing, downloading, file transfer, tabbed browsing, ad block, multi-touch gestures, offline browsing, private mode, Facebook and Twitter sharing, and AirPrint support.  One of the most useful features is rotation lock, which allows you to lock the screen in place, so if you’re holding your iPad at an angle the screen won’t keep flipping.  Perfect browser for users who like to surf while lying in bed or on the beach.

Best Browser for Faster Browsing:

Opera Mini: Opera Mini offers faster browsing, one tap favorites, tabbed browsing and sync with other Opera devices.  The main appeal of Opera Mini is that it doesn’t sit on top of the Safari browser, making it one of the fastest browsing apps on the iPad.

Best Browser for Flash Users:

Photon Flash Video Player & Browser: The Photon browser is not only a full featured Internet browser, but one of the best solutions for users who want to be able to view Flash videos or play Flash games.  It doesn’t work with everything, but many Flash apps, like many of the free games on Facebook, work well with Photon. Photon also offers a number of privacy features, such as anonymous browsing, history and cookie deletion on exit and integrates with Facebook and email.

Best Safe Browser for Children:

Mobicip Safe Browser: Mobicip is a pretty standard browser, but it offers powerful features for safe browsing. With Mobicip you can set up age filters for content, safe search on all search engines, intelligent, real-time content filtering, a YouTube filter, and remote browsing history monitoring.  You can also create your own custom content filters. Mobicipis a powerful tool for parents who want restrict and monitor the content their children can access on their iPad web browser.

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