Gaming is an expensive hobby. With the average brand new release title costing around £40, it’s fair to say that most people who play computer games on a regular basis generally feel pretty skint. Then there’s the question of how much the next-generation consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, are going to price their games at. It’s likely we’ll be seeing all-time highs in terms of cost.

One relief for gamers then is the second-hand market. When Microsoft announced that they were going to get rid of the ability to play games second hand, it caused such a huge uproar that they quickly backtracked on their decision. So what are the advantages of buying used video games over brand new ones?


Much cheaper than buying new

The most obvious point is that they are far cheaper to purchase in stores. It’s not uncommon for a relatively new title to be seen at around 30-50% lower than the same game which still has the shrink wrap in place, whilst older games can be picked up for a matter of pounds of consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 currently. You’ll also find that if a store has lots of copies of one particular game, they will lower the price of it even more in order to shift the excess copies.

No difference to the actual gameplay

While it’s nice to have a brand new, un-played version of the latest game, there’s not actually any difference in the gameplay experience if you buy a used copy. Yes, the case may be a little bit scuffed in places, but once you pop the disc into the front of the console there’s absolutely no chance that you would be able to tell any difference as to whether it was brand new or not, so why spend the extra money?

Come with the same guarantee as a new purchase

If you buy a used game from a store which does trade-ins, then you will receive the same rights to a refund if it has any faults than you would if you were to buy the game brand new. In most cases this will be a year from the date of purchase, though it is worth checking with the store beforehand. However, all will be required to offer some form of guarantee that the item has been checked and is in a playable, working condition.

Can always trade it back in once you’ve finished

Stores which sell used games will, more often than not, also allow you to trade in the games you have played in exchange for credit off a new game, or perhaps even some cash. Therefore, there’s no reason why you cannot sell your used games back to the store you bought it from and get something else for even cheaper than the price given on the shelves. This allows you to try out lots of different games for a fraction of the cost of buying them new.

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