Aakash Tablet-A Generation Ahead

Finally, your wait for Aakash tablet is over. It’s a great call for Nation.  On October 5, 2011 Aakash LCAD Tablet has been successfully launched with a trial run of 100,000 units in New Delhi. It’s a tablet for “aam aadmi”; it was a great success for India after “aam aadmi car” launched by TATA Motors called TATA NANO.

Aakash LCAD Tablet
Aakash LCAD Tablet

Aakash is the Android based phone which is the product of British company DataWind & India based company Quad. It is world’s cheapest gadget which is developed for students & common people. Aakash is the part of e-learning program in India with a main aim to hit 25,000 colleges & 400 universities. Aakash tablet is now attraction point for foreigners, it is a great blast in technology for international Tech leaders.

The basic version of Aakash LCAD Tablet would be INR 15, 00 ($35) but commercial version would have some more features than basic version would be little costlier. Specifications provided in the tablet experts feel that they are good but could have been better. It is not for gaming purpose but it is designed for students and it really fulfills the purpose of students work.

Let’s know about some features & specifications of Aakash LCAD Tablet:

  1. Display

Aakash LCAD tablet has Size 190.5×118.5×15.7mm with 7” resistive touchscreen having 800 × 480 pixels. This is 350 gram in weight.

  1. Opearting System (OS)

It is the only part of any gadget in which user is friendly about, But Aakash LCAD is little bit backward in this section. It is OK that Android 2.2 Froyo is installed but it does not contains Android Market in it, But it will instead use the GetJar Marketplace.

  1. Processor

It is the only component of any smart gadget that user decides to purchase their gadget. Aakash LCAD tablet have 366 MHz, plus Graphics Accelerator and HD Video Co-processor with 256 MB RAM.

  1. Memory

Aakash LCAD tablet supports 2GB Micro SD card expandable up to 32GB, to store user data and programs not run from ROM.

  1. Network & Connectivity

The Aakash LCAD tablet supports wireless local area network (wireless LAN, Wi-Fi). It does not support GPRS/3G cellular networks. For Connectivity, It contains 2 USB ports (full sized).

  1. Battery Backup

The Battery of this device is powerful; it can run very long time when it is fully charged. The 2100Ah battery is capable of durable 3 hours during normal use and up to a maximum of 2 hours when High Definition videos are played. The AC adaptor for charging the battery is the standard 200-240 volts

  1. Camera

The device supports external USB for camera.

  1. Web Browser

Datawind accelerated web browser is pre-installed in it.

  1. Sound

Speakers & Headphone can be used on the tablet with 3.5mm Audio Out jack and similar Audio In jack that have been provided.

  1. Applications & Software

The device contains about 37 pre-installed apps. In it like Aldiko, Browser, DataWindPckge Manger, etc as well as user can download about 147 other supportive application.

  1. Price

For purchasing this device, Government announces different prices for different class like INR 15, 00 would be for students & INR 2276 would be for other than students.

That’s all about Aakas LCAD tablet, due to some failure, HRD Ministry of India decided to launch Aakash 2.0 in February 2012. Hope!!! You’ll get your desired features in New Aakash 2.0. Happy Reading, All the Best.

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